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Longer previews of “FORCE” and “Taxi” which were played in Bigeastation #103.

[Credit: seijitsuHIME]

Ah, I’m really loving “Taxi” now! It’s such a great sad ballad that actually makes me want to cry for no reason when I hear it. That’s how much it can affect the emotions of the listeners. I really can’t wait to hear the full song!

As for ‘FORCE”, I like the verses and the lines towards the chorus but I still don’t like the chorus that much. I need to get used to it first. Hahaha.

Some previews of the songs of the 4th Japanese album “The Secret Code” are available for us, fans, to listen to. The link to the site for the song previews was posted at Soompi and of course, I just have to click it and listen to the songs. LOL. The available previews are for the following:

The Secret Game


Nobody Knows



Stand Up!

We Are

Take Your Hands


And just in case you get lost or confused, here’s a screencap I got to help you in looking for the links. The songs enclosed in the red box are the links you should click to be able to listen to the previews. Also, you will need Windows Media player to play them. :D


[Credit: lovetohateme@wordpress]

Listening to the them, I think they’re pretty good. The songs in this album, in my opinion, are leaning more on the J-Pop side now unlike their previews Japanese songs where there’s still a K-Pop feel when you listen to them. I like The Secret Game, TAXI, Stand Up! and We Are the most out of all the songs I’ve listened to so far. LOL. I can’t believe I’m actually addicted to “FUNKINATION” now. Hahaha!