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Ok it’s already 1am here and the whole neighborhood including my family are already sleeping soundly but here I am still wide awake even though I’ve been freakin’ sick since last friday (as in I have fever, colds and flu) just because I waited for the videos from the recently held SBS Gayo Daejun to be uploaded on YouTube. Yes, I was THAT excited.

Here are the uploaded videos of DBSK’s performances so far:

Piano Battle between Junsu and TaeYang

Let me first start commenting on TaeYang’s performance. His was actually good. He played the piano pretty well and man, his English is just SO GOOD that I think he even speaks better English than Yoochun. Even though I think he missed some of the notes JUST A TINY BIT and there was a part where his voice cracked a little, I think he did a good job with his performance.

As for Junsu, his performance was GREAT. I love the song “My Everything” since it is one of my most favorite 98 Degrees song and the way he sang it was just SUPERB. He sang it with a lot of emotions and his high notes just made me go “wow!”. I guess it could have been a perfect performance for him if only his English was as good as TaeYang. Just some more practice on his English speaking skills and Junsu will surely nail performances like this.

In conclusion, I loved this whole piano battle. The two performers gave out worth-praising performances. Cheers to both of them! :D

Dance Battle

I didn’t enjoy the performance that much. I think it was a bit lacking. The atmosphere while the performers were dancing was not as “fun” and “energetic” as I have expected it to be. Plus the songs they used were not that appealing to my ears. I guess I was used to hearing very upbeat songs being used for dance battles such as this. But anyway, all of them still did a good job. My favorites were Yunho’s and Eunhyuk’s dances although I seriously think Eunhyuk looked like an astronaut with the costume he’s wearing. LOL.


O.O *stares with wide eyes*


Am I seeing things already or did they really do that??? *goes back to watch the video again*



OMFG. That last pose was SMOKING HOT and it was totally unexpected! Oh my, what are these HOT and SEXY MEN thinking?! Do they really want us fangirls to die this early? Why are they freakin’ doing this to us?!

Waaaahhhh!!! I can’t get enough of what they did! I am sooo dying to scream right now but I just can’t do that because people might just wake-up from their sleep. But OMG, I’m totally out of my mind right now! What the boys did is just INSANELY SEXY. Gawd, I’m spazzing right now. I know I am and I can’t freakin’ stop it!

I’m really sorry if I can’t give a sensible comment on their performance right  now because the last pose that they did just made me forget all about the rest. I was totally STUNNED and my JAW DROPPED when I saw them showing their upper back/shoulders. What made me freak out even more is the fact that JAE’S BACK LOOKS A THOUSAND TIMES SEXIER BECAUSE OF HIS TATTOO! My goodness, Jae just killed me again!

Man, what a way for DBSK to end their 4th Korean album activities! They did not only end their 4th Korean album activites with a ROCKING performance, they also ended their last performance with a BANG! Oh, I’m sure Cassies will never forget the boys even if they’ll have to stay in Japan again starting next year because of that wonderful treat from the boys. OMG, I soooooooo envy all the Cassies who went there to watch it live. I wish I was there to witness that mind-blowing performance, too!

Anyway, since I can’t get enough of DBSK’s SEXINESS, here’s a picture and a GIF of their last pose. Enjoy! :D

PICTURE *OMG! Jae’s tattoo!*


GIF *having fun repeating it all over again. lol*


Ok, I need to calm down now. *tries to breathe properly* For a moment there, I forgot I’m actually sick. LOL. I need to sleep now and I’m confident I’ll be having a good night (or  I think it’s more like good moring) sleep. Tomorrow will surely be a day full of smiles and daydreaming for me. :D

[Picture credits: dnbn + baidu]
[Video credits: myluvforDBSK + retros]

Credit: amirahd2b

LOL @ Eunhyuk trying to deny his close friendship with Junsu and Junsu being embarassed of Eunhyuk’s denial! Poor Junsu even had to urge him to say that they were very close friends. Hahaha! What made it more funny was the fact that Eunhyuk wasn’t aware that it was for a program so more or less it’s safe to say that it would be his “natural” answer, an answer he would give if Junsu would just randomly ask him that. This also gives us an idea that the way they treat each other on cam is the same with how they treat each other off cam. In short, HyukSu’s FRIENDSHIP IS REAL. :D

I really adore these two best friends. Everytime they’re together in one place or show (meaning physically or through phone calls), they always bicker and try to attack each other and everything just becomes so hilarious. I really love HyukSu’s love-hate relationship because it looks and feels natural. Hahaha. Bickering and annoying each other is their way of showing their love to one another… eccentric but sweet! :)

P.S. The way Junsu said “hurry up, hurry up” was so cute! I like it so much! He sounded like a kid! LOL.

The first confirmed TV appearance of the boys (besides their comeback performance at Inkigayo on September 28) is on the show Family Outing where Yunho and Junsu will be guesting on the show for two episodes (17 & 18). The two episodes will be aired on October 12 and 19, respectively.

But aside from these two, DBSK were also said to be invited to guest on Sukira Kiss the Radio, which is hosted by Super Junior’s Eeteuk and Eunhyuk, and on a popular SBS talk show called Kim Jeongeun’s Chocolate. I’m not sure if this is already confirmed, though. Here’s what elune posted at soompi:

9월 29일 월요일.
키스 초대석에 동방신기가 초대되었습니다.

^ it says that the boys are invited to be on Sukira, Kiss The Radio on Monday, September 29. Is that confirmed? That would be really fun.

동방신기의 이날 공연은 오는 10월2일 SBS ‘김정은의 초콜릿’을 통해 방송된다.

^ it says that they’ll be on the broadcast of SBS’ Kim Jeong Eun’s Chocolate on October 2.

source: TVXQ daum media +

I bet they will be really guesting on Sukira since, after all, it is hosted by their close friends from Super Junior. And from what I can remember, DBSK always guests on Sukira whenever they have promotional activities in Korea. I’m excited for this guesting since it’s really fun listening and watching them talk with Eeteuk and Eunhyuk. They seem more relax and candid in answering the questions plus there’s a greater possiblity of them spilling some unnecessary information due to Eeteuk and Eunhyuk’s “persistence” in asking questions. Hahaha. Add to that, who doesn’t want to hear and see the bickering of Junsu and Eunhyuk? Those two best friends really makes me laugh whenever they’re together. =)

As for Chocolate, I really have no knowledge about the show. I haven’t even watched a single episode of it. But anyway as long as the boys are there, I will surely watch and look forward to it. :D