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I know I don’t usually post news about Super Junior here but since I’ve already posted about Hankyung’s lawsuit against SM, I might as well post this one too. Besides, this is in a way DBSK related they are fighting for the same thing that JaeChunSu are fighting for and Donghae – my most favorite SuJu member – might be involved in this so of course, I would care about this issue.

Not Just Hangeng; 6 Members Of Super Junior File For Lawsuit Against SM

[Sina Entertainment News] The day before, Hangeng, the only Chinese member of Asia’s super popular group, Super Junior, filed for a termination of his “exclusive contract” with SM Entertainment. According to the latest news from Korea, Hangeng is not the only one who filed the lawsuit. Other Super Junior members have also filed a similar lawsuit, and they include: Lee Teuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eun Hyuk and Donghae. The only reason why news about Hangeng was exposed first, is because of his nationality.

According to the lawsuit, Hangeng has not had any rest in 2 years, causing him to suffer from fatigue, which also resulted in chronic gastritis, illnesses related to his kidney, lumbar disc herniation, as well as a visible decrease in body strength. However, SM Entertainment rejected Hangeng’s requests for rest, and continued to schedule activities for him, which caused Hangeng to suffer a lot of pain.

According to the contents of the lawsuit, since the time of his debut, Hangeng didn’t even have one day of rest per week. For 2 years, Hangeng has continuously done his overseas schedules as well, and had no choice but to continue with his schedules without any rest. In his contract with SM, there are clauses stating that he has to pay the company monetary damages should he be unable to fulfill the schedules arranged for him. Thus, even when he was in poor health, he had no choice but to follow through with his schedules.

Once the news broke out, many fans have expressed the wish for SM and the members to be able to make peace, and make changes to their contracts, as well as expressed hope that Super Junior will not face the threat of disbanding.

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I would like to remind everyone that this news is UNCONFIRMED as of now. It’s a report from Sina (Chinese News) which they “claim” to have gotten from Korean sources. I guess we should wait for further articles to come out confirming this but fans of Super Junior should also be ready to accept this should this news be real. After all, Sina was the first to report about Hankyung filing a lawsuit against SM and it turned out to be true.

I know IF this  news is real, Super Junior fans will be in a difficult situation just like what we, DBSK fans are experiencing at present. Having your favorite group divided into 2 is really, really hard and depressing. But all I can say to all ELFs out there who might be reading this, don’t let your belief and love for the SuJu members falter. We, DBSK fans, know how hard and frustrating this could get but believe me when I say that this will only make you and your relationship with SuJu stronger. This is just one of the challenges that your relationship with them has to go through. It is like a test of how far your love and support for Super Junior is. There may be some fans who would be choosing sides on this issue but I hope you could be like majority of us, DBSK fans, who still support and love the our five boys no matter what their decision may be. My advise is to just believe the SuJu members and no one else. Trust them and, as what Cassiopeia’s battle cry says, always keep the faith no matter what happens. :)

A short clip of the SM family during the recently concluded SMTOWN Live concert in Bangkok. There’s not much DBSK in the video – actually the only Dong Bang member interviewed was Changmin – but we could see them in the background doing some crazy things. :D

[Credit: RiTaDBSJ]

Some comments/observations:

* Looks like JaeJoong’s camwhore-ness is rubbing on Changmin. He suddenly approached the camera when he saw  DongHae and MinHo being interviewed. Our maknae wants some screen time! Hahaha!

* LOL @ JaeJoong and Junsu using the folding chairs as weights.  :D Jae, being the muscle man that he is lifts two chairs while dolphin boy settles with only one. They (especially Jae) always love to use things as alternatives to gym equipment. These boys are really innovative, eh? Hahaha.

* Man, Junsu is really LOUD. You could hear him in the background during SiWon’s interview. Can’t you tone down a bit, buddy? =)

* DongHae is so freakin’ cute! I actually miss my little fishy since I haven’t seen any videos of him the past months. I’ve been too busy with my pretty man JaeJoong that I momentarily forgot about my dorky fishy. Forgive me DongHae! I still love you. <3

* Everytime I see SiWon and Heechul, the memory of the “kiss” they shared at the concert comes rushing through my mind. Remembering it actually makes me shudder… I’m actually worried for Yunho because he’s the DBSK member who’s closest to Heechul and once all the SuJu members are done, Heechul might target Yunho to be his next “victim”. Yikes!

* Innocent Sungminnie of Super Junior is still the same… he still loves the color pink. LOL.

* I was dying of laughter when I saw Shindong’s hair. For once I think there’s someone far worse than Yoochun’s hairstylist.

* SHINee members are all over the place! Love seeing them interacting with their hyungs/sunbaes. :D