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Some cute pictures of the boys from their “Hi Seoul/Infinitely Yours, Seoul” CFs which were released a few days ago.


*Looks like Junsu’s enjoying his new found profession as a hairstylist! He seems to have fun “inspecting” Yunho’s hair! LOL.


*OMG, JaeJae! What did you do to the girl’s hair! You turned her into an afro, you naughty kid! Hahaha!


*Unlike on their Seolreim CF where the boys were standing on a fake roof, they’re really on top of a roof this time around. Good thing nothing happened to them especially to Junsu who was nursing an injury during this shooting.



*LOL. It looked like the members were in awe seeing Yunho’s back. :D


*As usual, they’re so gorgeous in suits. <3

[Picture credit: as tagged + dnbn]