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110623 Yoochun’s ‘Miss Ripley’ And Changmin’s ‘Come To Play’ Were Filmed At The Same Time In The Same Building

JYJ’s Park Yoochun and TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin kept MBC’s staff on their toes as they filmed for their respective shows on the same day and time with just one wall separating them.

On the 22nd, Park Yoochun filmed for ‘Miss Ripley’ on set at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do. He was following a rigorous schedule of filming for the drama in the morning in the MBC building and heading out in the afternoon to film in Gangnam.

Next to the indoor set of ‘Miss Ripley’ was the set of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’. On this day, many SM Entertainment singers were present after completing their ‘SM TOWN Live Tour in Paris’ performance in Paris, France. Choikang Changmin was present to represent TVXQ on ‘Come to Play’.

Fortunately, it was later found that the two did not run into each other due to their busy schedules. But as Park Yoochun and SM Entertainment representatives have not met in public since the 2009 lawsuit, MBC staff later reported that they were unable to hide their nervousness as they were kept on their toes.

Since Park Yoochun began singing as a member of JYJ, he has been unable to appear on variety shows. Though the lead roles of ‘Miss Ripley’ tried to appear on ‘Come to Play’, the plan was canceled due to doubtful reasons. Even ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ has dropped out of publicizing its own broadcasting company’s drama, which has never happened before.

At the press conference of ‘Miss Ripley’, Park Yoochun confessed, “Though I want to appear on variety shows, I keep getting ‘cut’.”

A representative of ‘Miss Ripley’ stated, “Park Yoochun was supposed to head over to Gangnam to film in the afternoon but filming was delayed, meaning that Park Yoochun was still in Ilsan when ‘Come to Play’ was being filmed,” and “Though the relationship between Park Yoochun and the company(SM Entertainment) may be strained, he is not on bad terms with the members so I don’t think he minded that much.”

[T/N: The translator would like to remind readers that the word choice used in this article is not her own, but of the reporter who wrote the original article. I don’t think ‘Fortunately’ is the word that should be used to state the fact that the two did not meet (in public…. *crosses fingers*).]

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110503 ‘Ripley’ Cast’s Appearance On ‘Come To Play’ Falls Through.. “Why?”

The appearance of the cast of Ripley, MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama which Park Yoochun plays a leading role in, on MBC’s ‘Come To Play’ has fallen through and many are curious to know the reason behind it.

According to a broadcasting company representative on the 3rd, Kim Seung Woo, Kang Hae Jung, Lee Da Hae and Park Yoochun, the leading roles of the drama, recently sought out an appearance on ‘Come To Play’ to promote their drama but the plan fell through. This brought about speculations that the appearance fell through because of Park Yoochun, who is currently locked in a dispute with SM Entertainment.

Though Park Yoochun appeared as the leading role in KBS 2TV’s ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ last year, he was not seen on any KBS variety shows. Therefore, many believe that the ‘Ripley’ team’s inability to appear on ‘Come To Play’ may be related to this.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the ‘Ripley’ cast and Park Yoochun, a production representative of ‘Come To Play’ stated, “The cast of ‘Ripley’ did attempt to appear on ‘Come To Play’ but we have decided to drop the idea,” and “In the case of dramas like ‘Ripley’, the ‘Come To Play’ episode would have to air before the drama begins airing, but because the filming schedule for the cast is already packed, we had trouble adjusting the schedule to find a time that suited everyone.”

He continued to add, “This has nothing to do with Park Yoochun. We are being suspected by many for something that is not true because Park Yoochun just happens to be a member of the Ripley cast (T/N: The term he uses is 오비이락 which means “A pear drops as soon as a crow flies from the tree.”).”

On the other hand, a representative of Curtain Call Media, the drama’s production company, gave schedule adjustments as the reason behind the issue and said, “We were not able to attend the filming of ‘Come To Play’ because of Park Yoochun’s World Tour schedule. From what I know, the drama’s schedule frequently overlaps with his Asia Tour,” and “It was difficult trying to adjust the schedules.”

A representative of Park Yoochun’s agency stated, “It’s true that Park Yoochun is busy because of his ‘World Tour’ schedule,” and “But we never heard anything about dates for the filming of ‘Come To Play’.

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Let’s just say I’m having fun posting up pictures of Jae tonight. =)

Found these beautiful screen caps of JaeJoong from their recent guesting on the show Come To Play. I was so happy to see these pictures since I was really looking for good quality screen caps of the show. I love Jae’s look and style during their appearance on Come To Play just like how in love I am with his look and style when they guested on Mnet My Favorite. He looks extra angelic and exquisite on these two shows. =)

For those who haven’t watched Mnet My Favorite yet or who might have forgotten his get-up that day, here’s a lovely gif of him on that show:

[Credit: dnbn]

Dazzling, right? :D

And since I can’t get enough of JaeJoong, here’s an additional treat to my fellow JaeJoong fangirls out there…

[Credit: as tagged]

Ah, Kim JaeJoong is pure <333.

Kim Jaejoong the Stalker Picture Taker

In today’s new episode of Come To Play, Kim Jaejoong was labeled by the DBSK members as the person who takes stalker pictures.
All the members protest that Hero Jaejoong only takes pictures that the members do not want captured such as when showering or only wearing
boxers. U-know Yunho stated that sometimes when the members are in the restroom, Hero Jaejoong would stick his hand (with his cellphone)
in and take pictures. If Hero Jaejoong’s cellphone, with the secret pictures that he took, was lost. Then that would be bad.

Hero Jaejoong explains that he does this only because the members are very important to him so he wants to capture the moments
(of the members) that only he sees, as a way to treasure the memories.

credit: HB允浩家族
english translation: exotsiax13@soompi

Seriously, can he get any more crazier than he already is?

He’s definitely “one-of-a-kind” and that’s also the same reason why I love him so much. :D

P.S. I want to have his phone so I could see the “interesting” pictures of the other members! Hahaha. LOL.

The episode where the boys guested finally aired! Yay! Hahaha. This was the same show where the boys revealed about their first kiss. I haven’t watched the whole of it since I have no time (work is definitely killing me and eating up all my time) but I hope to watch it this weekend. But even so, I still think it’s a fun show to watch since when I watched the preview, the boys were all jolly while talking to the MCs.

Anyway, mickytoho subbed the episode. I can’t place the videos here since the episode consists of 7 cuts and I’m not sure if the annotations will work for embedded videos. I’ll just provide you with the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Guys, please remember that when watching the videos, make sure that the annotations are on. Click the “CC” button to activate it if it’s not automatically activated. If you don’t turn it on, you won’t see the subs. :D

Happy watching! LOL.

[Credit: YunhoLoverXD]

I can’t wait to watch this show! This was filmed a couple of weeks ago and finally it will be aired just in a few days! Looks like it was a fun talk between the boys and the MCs and other guests. It seems like an interesting one to watch. I bet there were a lot of confessions from the Dong Bang boys again. LOL. :D

The “misunderstanding” between SM and MBC is finally over and DBSK will appear on MBC’s Come To Play show.

MBC vs SM feud Over, TVXQ To Appear On MBC

MBC and SM Entertainment have dramatically reconciled. On the 26th at the MBC Dreamcenter in Ilsan, the PD of the show “Come To Play” revealed that the conflict between MBC and SM Entertainment is over and therefore Dong Bang Shin Gi will be appearing on Come To Play.”

Because of the conflict, extreme measures were taken where SM Entertainment singers were prohibited from appearing or participating on any of the network’s programs. The PD stated, “The argument between MBC and SM was a result of a misunderstanding” and also, “SM cleared the misunderstanding and discussed Dong Bang Shin Gi’s appearance. And in the future, SM artists will be able to appear and perform on music programs.”

Futhermore, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s ‘Come To Play’ segment recording will take place on October 1st.

Source: Newsen

I don’t really know what exactly happened between MBC and SM but I did hear about their conflict before which led to MBC’s banning of SM artists on any of its shows. But I am glad that the conflict is finally over. At least we’ll get to see SM artists on MBC shows from now on. I also personally think that DBSK served as an instrument for these two parties to reconcile. Maybe MBC really wants to guest DBSK on one of their shows since they’ve been away for a long time and their comeback is probably one of the hottest things in Korean entertainment right now. There’s no other way to make the boys appear on MBC shows than to reconcile with SM, right? So I guess that was one of the reasons why they decided to end the conflict between them. Yay for world peace! ;p