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Choi Kanghee Says: Ji Sung Would Make a Good Husband… Jaejoong’s (Acting and Star Quality) Is Inborn

“I think Ji Sung would make a good husband. I think Jaejoong became a star because he has the innate something in side of him.”

Choi Kanghee, who has successfully finished the SBS drama Protect the Boss last month, sent a round of applause to the actors with whom she collaborated.

Choi Kanghee said in an interview with Yonhap News recently about Ji Sung, who is her age and whom she collaborated with as her character’s lover: “I heard that his IQ is 147—and (fitting of that description) he seems extremely smart.”

She relayed: “I was able to collaborate very well with Ji Sung. He came having analyzed the ad libs beforehand and so he would be hilarious out of nowhere while acting—and those things also melted into the drama.” Continuing, she added: “Ji Sung has both a side that is mature and one that is like a kid. He is considerate and so I think he will make a good husband.”

On Kim Jaejoong, who is a rookie at acting and is of JYJ, she exclaimed in awe: “He is a rookie at acting, but he has this “something” that is innate in him. He has this “something” that is instinctive. He was not a star for no reason.”

Continuing, she added: “Jaejoong is extremely, extremely kindhearted. I was happy in acting with him.”

She also gave a thumbs-up for Park Youngkyu (playing CEO Cha), saying that he is “super cool.”

She expressed wonder, saying: “Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim is an elder but I did not feel any gap (in age) between us. He is very appealing and he has a great passion.”

She added: “I felt that he really is a young person and I thought that I too want to live that young when I am that age.”

She laughed: “Really Park Youngkyu sunsaeng-nim said so many great things throughout the filming. We told him to collect those words to publish a book.”

Source: Yonhap News
Translation Credit: JYJ3


110727 Choi KangHee’s comments on Kim Jaejoong’s acting ability: “Even let it as it is just now, he’s better than anyone else”

Actress Choi KangHee made a comment on the acting ability of Kim Jaejoong, actor and member of group JYJ.

On the 27th, Choi KangHee attended the press conference of SBS’s new Wed-Thu drama “Protect the Boss”  in SBS building at Mok-dong, YangCheon, Seoul, and expressed her thoughts about acting with Kim Jaejoong.

She said, “I think that if comfortably let it as it is just now, his acting is better than anyone else. First, his face is really handsome, isn’t it?”

She also said, “In the drama, my character No EunSeol thinks that Cha MuWon, a 3rd generation chaebol which is played by Kim Jaejoong, is equal to a God and calls him ‘Muneunim’,” (T/N: Mu(Won) + (Ha)neunim, Haneunim (하느님) means God in Korean) and “If I act as if I have the spirit of Kim Jaejoong’s fans, the acting seems to be easier,” which made all the people who were present burst into laughter.

In response to this compliment, Kim Jaejoong increased the amicable atmosphere by saying, “KangHee noona is also very beautiful.”

(Part not related to Jaejoong omitted)

On the other hand, “Protect the Boss” will be first aired on the 3rd next month. It’s a romantic comedy about the interaction and delightful love between a ‘88 Man-won generation’* and a chaebol, starring Choi KangHee, Kim Jaejoong, Jisung, Wang JiHye, Park YoungKyu…

*The so-called “88 man-won generation” basically refers to the non-regular workers who earn about 880,000 won monthly for living, the minimum wage to eke out a living. Most of them repeat taking a leave of absence from university to earn money for tuition and return to school. Even after graduation, they face grim prospect for their future in the financially-unstable society with economic growth but without additional employment.  (via KBS World)

Source: Seoul NTN via Naver
Translation by: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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