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I had goosebumps the moment the clip started until the very end. This is simply amazing.

[Credit: phutran1981vnn2]

Finally, I’m done with the first batch! I had a hard time getting pics from DNBN and Baidu since the loading of the page is too slow so I just visited DBSKnights and got most of the pics there. The authors of that site are really fast in sharing pictures and news. A big, big thanks to them! :D

First up, pics of the Red Ocean. Oh, I miss seeing the  image of the Red Ocean as much as I missed the boys performing together. There are also pics where you would see the fans who attended the concert holding their “Miduhyo” banners. No wonder the boys cried when they saw these banners. I hope they know, through those banners and the other projects that fans had done so far, that we believe in them and that we’re always keeping the faith.

miroticinshanghai-red ocean (1)

miroticinshanghai-red ocean (2)

[Credit: as tagged + baidu + dbsknights + dbskthread4@soompi]