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Well, as usual another JaeJoong picspam (I told you I’m biased LOL). This time the pictures were from the 2008 MKMF. I know that the event is already old news. I’ve devoted a couple of posts already for this particular event. Usually, even if I see pictures of events which I have already previously posted, I don’t post them anymore BUT this set of pictures is an exception. For JaeJoong fangirls like me, these are A MUST SEE. Well, that is of course  if you want some eye candy. :D

I don’t know if you guys have seen these already (since I believe I’m a couple of days late on news now because of me being busy with work) but I’ll post them anyway as a treat for all those hardworking JaeJoong fangirls out there. Hope these pictures are somewhat enough to ease all the tiredness you’re feeling even for just the span of time you’re staring at them (because it worked for me :D).

Have fun and I hope you won’t hyperventilate after viewing these pictures. LOL.






[Credit: as tagged + baidu]

NOTE: Try watching this together with the fancam and you’ll surely go insane. Trust me, I did. Damn JaeJoong for looking so HOT and SMEXY and for teasing us fangirls all the time. *sigh*

I was searching up pictures of yesterday’s MKMF and was planning on posting some here but I immediately changed my mind when I saw that most pictures were of Changmin crying on stage and because of this picture of JaeJoong:


[Credit: as tagged + dnbn]

This picture really got me heartbroken in the same level as Changmin’s crying moment last night. I’ve got to say that this is one of the most – if not the most – disturbing (in a bad way) picture of JaeJoong that I’ve ever seen in the recent months. For the first time in the many instances I’ve posted up pictures of JaeJoong form different events, I can’t actually bring myself to praise his beauty. I wasn’t awestruck like what I usually become whenever I see pictures of Jae but rather I was near to closing down my computer because I can’t bear seeing JaeJoong look terrible in a picture. Although my love for JaeJoong is incomparable, I just can’t help but say that he looks like a zombie on that picture. The picture clearly shows how tired JaeJoong, and most probably all the members are. I guess Jae’s was just a bit more obvious than the other members since he’s doing an additional project (the drama he’s filming) as compared to the other four members. Man, these guys seriously need a break. And by that I mean a BREAK where they can actually relax, get enough sleep, and rest without any interruptions whatsoever. I really pity them because they had to work so hard just to make-up for their long absence in Korea. Awww… poor boys. T_T

But to compensate for that forgettable picture of JaeJoong above, here’s a fancam that JaeJoong fangirls like me (or maybe even those who aren’t his fangirls) would LOVE. This fancam is a MUST WATCH.

Just a warning to all the ladies, please prepare a glass of water, an oxygen mask, a tissue in case of nosebleed, or whatever that may be helpful to you in case something happens while you’re watching this video. I also STRONGLY suggest people with heart problems to not watch this because it might actually (knock on wood) kill you. *Just kidding!*


[Credit: myluvforDBSK]

Only five words to describe this: HOT. SEDUCTIVE. SEXY. GORGEOUS. HEAVEN.


The 2008 MKMF was held a while ago and I wasn’t able to watch the live streaming that’s why I just went to Soompi and YouTube to find out news on what happened to this awards show.

DBSK was nominated for a lot of awards and tonight, they were able to bring home five awards out of these nominations, one of which is the ALBUM OF THE YEAR award that is one of the three daesangs/major awards given by MKMF.

I will be a hypocrite if I say that I wasn’t disappointed of DBSK not winning all the three daesangs for MKMF. That is also the reason why I shamelessly cried when I found out that they only got one out of the three awards (Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year). Frankly, I don’t care much about the Song of the Year award but I really, really wanted DBSK to win the Artist of the Year award. That award just sounds so BIG, isn’t it?

But after thinking of the circumstances they were in, I would say that maybe it would be quite unfair for the other artists if DBSK did win all the daesangs. I’m not saying that they don’t deserve it but come to think of it, they only conducted activities in Korea two months ago. For practically the whole year, they were in Japan trying to make a name there. I just think that it would be quite unfair for the other artists who never left Korea if DBSK grabbed all the daesangs while being OUTSIDE of Korea for the majority of the year.

I also realized that the daesang they got, which is Album of the Year, is also a big one especially considering that they only released their album in the later part of the year. If I’m not mistaken, the winner of the Album of the Year award is the artist who has the highest album sales for the year. Keeping this in mind, I couldn’t be any more proud of DBSK. I think winning this award is already a feat. Not a lot of artist can achieve a success as big as this in just a span of two months. This only proves how amazing DBSK is. I guess winning the Album of the Year award could already compensate for them not winning the other two daesangs. I think we shouldn’t be disappointed anymore because this is more than anything we could ask for. So, let’s just be happy for this is another achievement for the boys, ok? :D

The other awards DBSK won are the following:

Best Auction Style (what is this award?)

Mobile Popularity

Auction Netizen’s Choice (again, what is this?)

Overseas Viewer’s Choice

Also, I would like to congratulate Wondergirls for winning Song of the Year and BigBang for winning Artist of the Year. In as much as I would have wanted DBSK to win these awards, I know that these two groups deserved them, too. =)

Anyway, here are some videos of DBSK at the 2008 MKMF:


JaeJoong was attentively watching the short performance while Changmin and Yunho were so into it and they’re even dancing and singing with it. I guess they’re so happy watching their song being perfomed by their dongsaengs.


This intro was AWESOME. Call me a drama queen or whatever but I also got teary-eyed watching this clip. You may be wondering why since it’s not a drama scene or whatnot but the reason why I almost cried is because watching them perform a bit of their old songs made me remember the past years. They really have grown so much and they have already accomplished a lot of things. I wasn’t there when they debuted since I got into them just recently but I can see their GROWTH, MATURITY, and SUCCESS that is the result of their hard work through the years. As a fan, words can’t even express how PROUD I am of the Dong Bang boys. :D


JaeJoong wearing an unbuttoned top = DEATH OF ME.

I really don’t understand why he’s doing this to me. Every time I see him LIKE THAT, I keep forgetting how to breathe. KIM JAEJOONG, YOU ARE SERIOUSLY TORTURING ME!

Now I’m really confused if I like them performing HALF-NAKED or FULLY COVERED.

I guess it’s not bad if I like both, right? LOL.


It was a good performance but I won’t comment much on this performance since I like their performance on Music Core more than this one, which I’ll try to post later after this. But I’d like to take this chance to ask WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO YOOCHUN’S HAIR? It’s back to his HUG days style! Ah, forget that I even asked what happened. I am MORE THAN SURE that his stylist has something to do with it. :\ I guess I’ll just stop commenting on Yoochun’s hair from now on because I think I’m beginning to sound too evil since I always curse his stylist.


I hate to say this but I can’t help but notice that there is something different with the members’ expressions when they received the award. Why do I feel like they’re not genuinely happy? It may just be my weird observation again but I swear their faces sent a different message to me – something that is not anywhere near pure happiness. Personally, I think their smiles are not the type of smiles I would have wanted to see on their faces after winning such an award. I like to think that Changmin’s tears are tears of joy but something inside of me tells me that maybe – just maybe – the tears he shed were not of that kind. No, I’m not saying that the members were showing signs of sourgraping or whatnot but I just think their body language showed a hint of disappointment. And that’s totally ok, if you ask me. After all, who would want to lose in anything, right? Besides, I’m sure that if ever my observations are correct, their disappointment is actually stemming from a feeling of worry. Was this the price they have to pay for leaving Korea for a long time? Is this a sign that they don’t hold much ‘power’ in Korea anymore like they used to have before they left for Japan? Don’t they have the ability to dominate the Korean music industry again? These are a few possible questions that were probably playing on the members’ minds because of tonight’s results. Well, that’s just my two cents worth. It’s also possible that I’m just over analyzing things and that they’re really happy when they accepted the award. Either way, I just hope the boys are feeling ok. There are still a lot of awards shows to come so there’s still a chance of a repeat of DBSK’s legendary year known as 2006. And no matter what happens, DBSK will always be DBSK. :)

Again, congrats to the boys and keep up the GREAT work. We’re always behind you no matter what. :D

[Video Credit: eternalmerkamoon4]

Well, of course I don’t wish you guys to take that literally. LOL.

Just want to share an interesting and fun article I got from Allkpop:


The sights of DBSK members hurrying through various international airports and avoiding grabby hands shouldn’t be unfamiliar to any fans of the boys. According to estimated calculations, each of the members has logged approximately 300,000 miles in airline mileage since their first overseas activities in April 2004 up to September 2008.

For the folks not in the USA (no thank you metric), that is over 482,803 kilometers!

The circumference of the earth is around 40,000 kilometers, which means each of the boys could have circled the earth 12 times since 2004. The five of them together would have traveled 60 times around the world by now.

Another indication of the high demand outside of Korea for DBSK is the MKMF Overseas Award vote. DBSK is leading with over 95% of the votes at the moment. It seems Cassiopeia has mobilized and is ready to pull off anything for the end of the year award shows. Check out the current stats:

TVXQ! Mirotic 243,054 (96.17%)

Super Junior-Happy Cooking? Cooking! (Where are the ELF?) 2,709 (1.07%)

Lee Hyo-ri U-Go-Girl 1,556 (0.62%)

Epik High One 843 (0.33%)

Wonder Girls So Hot 835 (0.33%)

Girls’ Generation Kissing You 813 (0.32%)

Big Bang Day by Day 792 (0.31%)

SS501 A Song Calling for You 724 (0.29%)

SG Wannabe LaLaLa 702 (0.28%)

MC Mong Circus 698 (0.28%)

I guess the debate about who will come back on top can be put to rest now. As much as I would love for DBSK to win in every category, I almost wish there was a bit of real competition.

Amazing, right? Honestly, I applaud the author for even thinking about this kind of thing. *claps hands*

Regarding the voting for MKMF, I’m happy that the Dong Bang boys are leading the way. Aside from the Overseas Award, they’re actually nominated in 5 other categories. I actually don’t know their current standing since I haven’t checked the updates yet but I hope they’re doing good (they were leading ever since the start for all the categories). I want to go and vote for them but it’s a bit complicated for me especially since the site is in Korean.

Having said that, for those who know how to vote (especially DBSK fans) please keep voting for the boys UNTIL THE VERY END. Remember that WE SHOULD NEVER BE COMPLACENT EVEN IF THEY ARE LEADING BECAUSE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. For most of the nominations, the artists behind them still has a chance to catch-up so DBSK fans should keep on voting, araso?

Let’s make 2008 a GREAT YEAR for DBSK by adding up to the achievements they’ve already received this year. :D

Yay! They got the mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo for the second consecutive week! This week has been a great one for the boys. After making it to the top spot of the Oricon Daily Charts in two consecutive days with their 24th Japanese single “Mirotic” that was released last October 15 and after getting A BUNCH of nominations for the 2008 MKMF (and they’re leading in terms of votes as of the last time I’ve checked, if ever you’re wondering), here they are again back in Korea after their recent fanmeeting in Japan last October 16 and attending a couple of concerts, winning another mutizen award on Inkigayo. Truly, this week has been a blessed week for the boys. I just hope this good fortune would continue in the following weeks to come, in fact I hope things will get even better than this. =)

Witness the boys’ winning moment a while ago at Inkigayo. :D

[Credit: cassiopeial0ve]