[Time Slip Dr. Jin PressCon] JYJ members’ recation to JaeJoong’s first period drama

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Kim Jaejoong
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120517 JYJ Jaejoong, Member’s Reaction To His First Challenge In Period Drama Is, ‘Jaejoong In a Period Drama?’

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, who is challenging period dramas for the first time in MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” spoke about his members’ reactions.

He said, “When I said that I was acting in a period drama, the JYJ members said ‘Jaejoong In a Period Drama?’” and “Actually, I myself had never even thought that I would appear in a period drama,” he admitted. Jaejoong said, “Wearing a topknot, and wearing clothes from the olden days are something I have never done before and is new to me” and “I myself cannot believe that I am taking on a period drama.”

He also said, “After trying out the period costumes, I feel that the Korean outfits look really good, and I’m thankful that these clothes suit me well. The feeling is really great,” he revealed.

 (Repeated Parts Omitted)

Source : [K Star News]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net


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