120516-120517 Post of JYJ Tweets

Happy birthday :)
(Jaejoong, 12:09pm KST, 120516) @sukwon7123 I know I’m late, but happy birthday~!

(Junsu, 2:28pm KST, 120516) Our dear friends M.E.N went to Minanisoma-shi, and sent a photo, but seeing the photo really made my heart ache. FC MEN will continue to support (them) from now on. pic.twitter.com/v1OzJYGf (T/N : Minamisoma-shi is a city in Fukushima, which was badly hit by the Tohoku quake last year)

Getting excited for the concert \o/
(Junsu, 5:47pm KST, 120516, English tweet) Tarantallegra!! pic.twitter.com/KD9FnUfB

(Jeri, 5:59pm KST, 120516, English tweet) @1215thexiahtic jerrrrrrrriii ;)
(Junsu, 6:02pm KST, 120516) @slaughterationKikikikikikikiki!!!!!!jeri~~~~ Set me alight now! lol

(Junsu, 8:14pm KST, 120516, English tweet) Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!!!! pic.twitter.com/HWdvqlZQ

Awww such deep advice for his junior :)
(So Hyun, 9:15pm KST, 120516) I’m…^^ never going to show a photo of my report card again~keke I regretted it so muchㅠㅠ Actually I… really regretted it five minutes after I tweeted it and instead of deleting it, I pressed the RT button, so I tweeted it three times in a row hahaha You know what I mean, right?? I think today I’m going to~ have a good night’s sleep^^~
(Yoochun, 7:58pm KST, 120517) @wowkimsohyun ^^ I’m proud of you~ Who cares if you’re last or if you got a zero^^ What’s important is that you kept your promise since that’s what get blurry in life~ Just make sure you keep your promises^^ Because I will too^^ Hwaiting twa~ah!!!!^^

We got our albums too :D
(Jaejoong, 11:59pm KST, 120516) @1215thexiahtic I finally received your album! pic.twitter.com/daHCXtMQ

Beautiful <3
(Junsu, 2:38am KST, 120517) Whew~~~ pic.twitter.com/shIoIe1C

(Junsu, 2:44am KST, 120517, English tweet) Secret… pic.twitter.com/JwrAhQOZ

Dr. Jin hwaiting!
(Jaejoong, 7:45pm KST, 120517) Thank you so much for the Dreame you sent over to the press conference today~ I feel so energetic when I think I can be a great strength to you all!

Source: [Jaejoong+Yoochun+Junsu+Other’s  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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