Junsu’s 1st Solo Album is titled “Xia”

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Xiah Junsu
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120430 JYJ Junsu, First Solo Album Is Titled “Xia”


JYJ’s Junsu had revealed the visual concept of his album last week with “Unequalled,” and has now revealed a teaser poster and his album title.

On 30 April, his management company revealed the teaser poster for his first solo album via the JYJ Official Facebook page.

In this teaser poster, a dark image of Junsu wearing a cape is shown, and the title of his new album “Xia Trantellegra” is written as well.

“Trantellegra” is a spell that makes people dance, and this album contains songs that are written by Junsu humself, including the title track.

The image on the teaser poster shows Junsu wrapped in a veil, and which exudes a powerful aura and the energy can be felt, creating a lot of interest for this jacket image.

His management company said, “The title of this album will be called “Xia” “Xiah” is Junsu’s identity, and bears the meaning of the cumulative power that he has gathered from the love he recieves from everyone.”

Junsu’s first solo album “Xia” will start its online and offline sales from 4 May onwards.

Junsu’s second teaser video will be released on 2 May, via their official youtube channel, and the veil will be removed from the jacket on 4 May.

Also, on 19 -20 May, Junsu will be holding his first solo concert at Jamshil Stadium, and starting with Thailand on 27 May, he will be embarking on his 6 city Asia tour. In the meanwhile, the first round of ticket sales in Thailand saw 3,000 tickets snapped up in 10 minutes, a new record, and is once again proof of Junsu’s ticket power.

Source : [K Star News]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

Wow, K-pop surely is into the dark concept nowadays. A lot of the songs/albums coming out or that came out recently has the same dark and mysterious cult-like concepts. Reminds me so much of Illuminati.

Anyway, I often wonder where in the world do these boys get the title for their songs and albums? Seriously, it’s the first time I heard about ‘ Tarantallegra’. Haha. I wonder what kind of songs the album of Junsu will have? But whatever it is, I’m guessing it’s going to be epic. :)


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