120331-120406 Post of JYJ Tweets

(Yoochun, 10:16am KST, 120331) Process… pic.twitter.com/FS1aZIRD

(Yoochun, 3:04pm KST, 120331) Suddenly.. You crossed my thoughts pic.twitter.com/oKMlKgpP

(Junsu, 7:46pm KST, 120331) A photo with Jung Jae at the coffee shop! The leisure of early-evening.. It’s great~ pic.twitter.com/vlUWYqhi
(Young Seok, 8:19pm KST, 120331) @1215thexiahtic Have a great time~~^^ I’ll see you tomorrow!!^^ haha

(Junsu, 8:20pm KST, 120331) @yoonphantom It feels like I’m meeting you for the first time in a while haha I’ll see you tomorrow, hyung~^^

(Junsu, 8:27pm KST, 120331) I wish I could be my mother’s mirror.. Because then you’d look at me.. Because then you’d talk to me… These lyrics really.. show everything that Rudolf feels.. This is my favorite song…

(Junsu, 8:29pm KST, 120331) Mom, can you hear me… Please help me… Seung Dae hyung puts so much emotion into this and does a great job^^

(Yoochun, 2:44am KST, 120401) Who are you… pic.twitter.com/17RH7EQm

(Yoochun, 8:02pm KST, 120401) Ready. pic.twitter.com/cYS5Evdk

(Yoochun, 8:06pm KST, 120401) Your red eyes seem to have already prepared for what is to come…

(Yoochun, 8:09pm KST, 120401) But I… wasn’t ready.

(So Hyun, 7:41pm KST, 120402) @6002theMicky Your Highness! Because Your Highness’ jean-on-jean fashion looked so great~^^ This young Crown Princess tried it out as well..♥♥ Keep smiling!!♥ pic.twitter.com/vLToeQaH
(Yoochun, 10:05pm KST, 120402) @wowkimsohyun You look pretty!!^^ So much

(Jaejoong, 12:44pm KST, 120403) pic.twitter.com/LqLYeUBX 

(Yoochun, 9:59am KST, 120404) Lee Gak cuts his hair pic.twitter.com/D92GFqF6

(Gun Young, 4:40pm KST, 120404) Who wants to come hang out at the rehearsal room~~~
(Junsu, 5:43pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Please use it cleanly~~~~!!!!!! haha
(Gun Young, 5:57pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic Come here and clean the mirror~ I’ll clean you
(Junsu, 6:04pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Pervert…>•<
(Gun Young, 6:08pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic P.. Pervert….? But I learned it all from you.. Kim Junsu
(Junsu, 6:11pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Ha-ack!
(Gun Young, 6:13pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic Heo-uck!
(Junsu, 6:17pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Heu-ook!
(Gun Young, 6:25pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic Ho-ock!
(Junsu, 6:29pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Hee-ick!
(Gun Young, 6:31pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic Hya-yack!
(Junsu, 6:32pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 Let’s stop now………………. haha
(Gun Young, 6:36pm KST, 120404, English tweet) @1215thexiahtic win
(Junsu, 6:39pm KST, 120404) @zerotic0124 I thought you’d do it first.. so I took the initiative haha

(Junsu, 6:04pm KST, 120404) Fresh-faced (no make up) Xiah lol I feel embarrassed…. pic.twitter.com/3lcM5GBl
(Young Ki, 6:28pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic You’ve lost way too much weight!!!! Get your cheek fat back!!!! But did you ever have any??? haha
(Junsu, 6:29pm KST, 120404) @poimin73 hahaha… cheek fat.. It’s hard to get it back once you lose it~ haha
(Junsu, 6:30pm KST, 120404) @poimin73 But I find it so weird that we’re having a conversation on Twitter when you’re sitting right next to me lol

(Byung Han, 6:35pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic You never put make-up on (around me). You look great
(Junsu, 6:38pm KST, 120404) @code07lim haha That’s true..

(Junsu, 11:19pm KST, 120404) Great job today everyone~ pic.twitter.com/4z3U3o7y
(In Sun, 11:24pm KST, 120404) @1215thexiahtic Great job~ Cool guy~!
(Junsu, 11:25pm KST, 120404) @mydirect Great job too, hyung~~^^
(Junsu, 3:15am KST, 120405) I want to go here.. right now pic.twitter.com/oDANjlYT

(Junsu, 2:50pm KST, 120405) @zunoxiahmom Father, mother.. I sincerely congratulate you on your wedding anniversary.. the day that helped bring us twins into this world~^^

(Yoochun, 8:41pm KST, 120406) The script dances along with the wind.. You must be excited too..^^ pic.twitter.com/GPLh2nFw

(Jae Eun, 8:48pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Tonight’s moon is almost a super moon!!! Your Higness, I hope your luck increases under this bright moon. I was even more happy to see you there because it was by chance. haha Work hard, let’s go ^_^
(Yoochun, 8:50pm KST, 120406) @beyondmonica Ah~~ After seeing Yoohwan, I feel like eating something sweet~^^
(Jae Eun, 8:52pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky When both of you are done with your dramas, let’s go for some Yaja Time (T/N: A set period of time in which people stop talking to each other in an honorific tone to get to know each other better) not go for somaek (T/N: a mixture of soju and beer) for the first round of drinks, Your Highness.
(Yoochun, 8:55pm KST, 120406) @beyondmonica I’ll have to make sure to bring the Yong Sool Ik Chan blade.
(Jae Eun, 8:59pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Bang!!!! kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke Seriously, you’re number one these days Your Highness kekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke
(Yoochun, 9:00pm KST, 120406) @beyondmonica Oho! Didn’t I say not to do that… tsk tsk A double dragon~
(Jae Eun, 9:06pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky I spat out my water… kekeke Double dragon kekekekekekekekekekekekeke What am I going to do with you…. kekekeke
(Yoochun, 9:09pm KST, 120406) @beyondmonica This double dragon body has to go film now, so I’ll see you later. When this drama’s done, my body will be so worn out, oh dear lord~

(Junsu, 9:44pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Your Highness… Congratulations on being a part of the most watched drama of the time slot…^^ As expected… keke
(Junsu, 9:45pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky or is it Your Highness..? (T/N: He’s not sure if ‘Your Highness’ is 전하 or 저하. 전하 is used to address a king while 저하 is used to address the Crown Prince.)
(Junsu, 9:46pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Ah!! Your Highness, the Crown Prince….. How’s the Royal Person doing these days?
(Junsu, 9:46pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Your Highness… Where have you gone??
(Junsu, 9:48pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky If you keep doing this to me, as Death.. I swear I might just take you with me……^^

(Yoochun, 9:11pm KST, 120406) That reminds me, another double dragon has entered the (drama) gallery (thread) hahaha
(Junsu, 9:50pm KST, 120406) @6002theMicky Your Highness, the Crown Prince.. Be enveloped in my embrace and close your eyes in peace.. I’ll comfort you… You’ll be able to sleep.. All your filming will be over.. I will guide you.. To a better filming location.. Your Highness, the Crown Prince.. Your Highness, the Crown Prince.. I love……… Ah!
(Jaejoong, 11:15pm KST, 120406) @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky Oh ho.. I’m only following two people.. but why are you guys posting so much that it makes everything seem all over the place? I order you to go to bed and your filming location respectively! But then again, I watched all the episodes of Rooftop Prince in one go today..
(Jaejoong, 11:17pm KST, 120406) @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky It’s pretty darn funny.. That drama called Rooftop Prince.. Personally, I’m a fan of Woo Yong Sool.
(Yoochun, 11:47pm KST, 120406) @1215thexiahtic Mr. Tod… First you go and take the princess… ㅠㅠ Tod is a meanie

(Gun Young, 10:22pm KST, 120406) @1215thexiahtic @6002theMicky Junsu’s being ignored so bad~~ haha
(Junsu, 10:23pm KST, 120406) @zerotic0124 Ha-ack!
(Junsu, 10:24pm KST, 120406) @zerotic0124 That’s it…I think I’m going to have to call the Angels of Death.. I’ll have to get ready to leave…
(Junsu, 10:28pm KST, 120406) @zerotic0124 Yoochun.. saw what happened to Rudolph but is still acting like this…. Hm… I think I’m going to have to go dance the Last Dance pretty soon…. Angels of Death.. Let’s go

(Jae Eun, 10:28pm KST, 120406) @1215thexiahtic @6002themicky I wonder who would win if Tod and the Crown Prince got in a fight? hahaha “It’s a sinking ship, our Crown Prince! -) Is it something like that? hahaha
(Junsu, 10:34pm KST, 120406) @beyondmonica @6002theMicky How dare you… compare me to a human…………. haha

(Jaejoong, 11:25pm KST, 120406) Just saying, I go to the same gym as Yong Tae Mu. I hear that his body is quite sweet and commendable.
(Tae Sung, 11:57pm KST, 120406) @mjjeje My body has let itself go quite a lot these days so it isn’t so sweet anymore… keke
(Jaejoong, 12:31am KST, 120407) @TAE_SAMA Wouldn’t a body like yours be considered great by most people? I’m enjoying the drama~ Work hard on your filming~!!

(Jaejoong, 11:41pm KST, 120406) I’m going to bed-lam. pic.twitter.com/wpJ1iH4Y (T/N: This is based on a comedy skit on Gag Concert where they change the word of the end of each sentence.)

Source: [Junsu+Yoochun+Jaejoong+Others’  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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