1203024-120330 Post Of JYJ Tweets

(Yoochun, 10:22am KST, 120324) Life.. pic.twitter.com/jx6ip0RM

(Yoochun, 10:24am KST, 120324) Waiting pic.twitter.com/gp6oDVul

(Hyo Jun, 1:36pm KST, 120325) @1215thexiahtic Don’t be sick and hwaiting for today’s two performances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will cheer you on forever!!~~~^^ Hwaiting! Hwaiting!! XiahTod hwaiting!!! pic.twitter.com/WSWj3iEL
(Junsu, 1:43pm KST, 120325) @AmadeRudolph Ha-ack!! Hwaiting^^

(Jae Eun, 5:07pm KST, 120325, RTed by Junsu) If only there was a Best Couple Award to give to these two people who were so greedy for a picture pic.twitter.com/cHZzPmal

(Jae Eun, 10:39pm KST, 120325) @1215thexiahtic This person seriously… scares me…. haha A mere ten days ago, he was grooving in a concert and has now completely transformed as he stands on stage…. as the musical actor, Kim Death….
(Junsu, 10:40pm KST, 120325) @beyondmonica Ha-ack!

(Young Ki, 10:39pm KST, 120325) Wow!!! Ha-ack!!! RT @1864theJYJ: @poimin73 I saw the matinée performance today and I’m in love, this was my first time watching a musical..♥♥ It was an honor. Though my neck hurt a little because I was on the third floor, you were great. It was an honor and it was very moving♥♥♥
(Junsu, 10:41pm KST, 120325) @poimin73 Great job today, hyung~^^

(Junsu, 1:57am KST, 120326) Goodnight~ pic.twitter.com/YGJR52gf

(Yoochun, 6:09am KST, 120327) I can rest for two hours… The sky is so serene… and so is my heart.. pic.twitter.com/sktxuYds

(Yoochun, 6:40am KST, 120327) I miss you.

(Yoochun, 12:09am KST, 120328) One year old.. pic.twitter.com/MtlT3YUi

(Jaejoong, 9:14pm KST, 120328) The stir-friend small octopus.. was delicious pic.twitter.com/mO3ajcoX

(Junho, 6:37pm KST, 120329) No matter what anyone else says about my soccer skills~ I ne~~ver!! want to hear those words from Young Pil hyung!^^ Is what I would say!!!! keke “@plmok30: @JUNO_Japan @youngfeel That’s right lol I don’t want to hear those words from Young Pil hyung >▼<♡”
(Young Pil, 12:58am KST, 120330) @JUNO_Japan Be quiet, Dog Junho~~ I’m being recognized (for my talent) these days~~ on the field~~^^
(Junsu, 12:37pm KST, 120330) @youngfeel Hm… Recognition, you say…
(Junho, 12:47pm KST, 120330) @1215thexiahtic Let the truth be known here~ Captain, is it true that Young Pil hyung’s soccer skills are recognized by everyone?????
(Junsu, 1:31pm KST, 120330) @JUNO_Japan I keep wishing he’d do well as a goalkeeper.. but he keeps wanting to get out on the fieldㅠ Shall I say it’s like running as a 10 person team…..????? lol

(Junho, 1:39pm KST, 120330) @1215thexiahtic keke With this one statement from our captain..!! The case in which Mr. Young Pil claimed that everyone recognized his soccer skills has come to an end. Bang! Bang! Bang!

(Junsu, 1:45pm KST, 120330) @JUNO_Japan kekeke But it has gotten a little better than before~~^^

(Ahn Sang Tae, 3:57am KST, 120330) @6002theMicky I’m the fan you met with on location! I know you’re probably tired and worn out, but hwaiting!!!!
(Yoochun, 12:10pm KST, 120330) @ahnsangtae haha Thank you. I had so much fun filming with you.

(Gi Kwang 10:25am KST, 120330) I’ve been feeling gre~at all morning^-^ So I took a photo of myself to commemorate it!! I’ll have a safe trip, thank you everyone~.~! Smile~~~ Boing!! pic.twitter.com/EyHvswYc
(Junsu, 12:39pm KST, 120330) @B2stGK Have a nice trip~~~~~^^

(Junsu, 1:46pm KST, 120330) Hello! pic.twitter.com/LtvqMA9w

Source: [Junsu+Yoochun+Jaejoong+Others’  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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