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Oooohhh… I can feel the epic-ness of this album! JUNSU, daebak! :)


P.S. One thing I dislike though is the red lipstick. -_-


JYJ’s Jaejoong gets into character for his new drama, ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’

JYJ‘s Jaejoong captured his fans’ attention after posting a new photo of himself dressed as his new drama character.

On May 2nd, Kim Jaejoong shared the above photo via his Twitter page and wrote, “Doctor Jin, fighting!”

The photo looked to be taken during the poster photo shoot for the new MBC TV drama ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin‘ that airs it’s pilot episode on May 26th.

‘Dr. Jin’ is based on the Japanese manga of the same title by Murakami Motoka, and is a medical drama that tells the story of the best Korean surgeon in 2012 who travels back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860′s.

Jaejoong will be playing the role of skilled martial artist, Kim Kyung Tak.

Fans who saw his new photo commented, “Looks so good on him!”, “Exudes charisma,” and “Looks like he’s shooting lasers out of his eyes.”

Source & Image: Jaejoong‘s Twitter
Credit: Allkpop

OMG! I’m can’t wait for  this drama to air! I’m so excited to see JaeJoong act in a historical drama because I always think that historical dramas are always a challenge for rookie and veteran actors. Yoochun is already a master of historical dramas so I’m excited to know how JaeJoong will attack his role on this one. :)

Jaejoong’s fans start a charity project to save Thai elephants

The fans of JYJ member Jaejoong are taking action to save the elephants.

On April 29th, Jaejoong posted a concerned tweet saying, “Thai elephants are on the brink of extinction? No, my elephants…

Jaejoong’s fans are well aware of the singer’s special love for elephants. After fans saw that he even had an elephant cell phone accessory, the item quickly became sold out in Japan.

And at a concert in Thailand last year, Jaejoong sang the popular Thai children’s song “Elephant Song”, which then became a hot topic of conversation amongst fans.

Like so, elephants and Jaejoong go hand in hand. His fans who saw that he was concerned about the elephant extinction immediately began a project called ‘Save the JAElephant!’, using the first part of his name. Through this project, the fans will be donating a sum of money to the elephant protection group in his name.

Meanwhile, other fans also began a separate project called ‘SAVE THE ASIAN ELEPHANTS!’, and they are drawing attention for their plans to adopt a rescued elephant baby named Mee Chok.

Netizens who heard the news remarked, “Both the fans and Jaejoong’s love for elephants is amazing,” while also saying “This is so touching,” and “Jaejoong has the best fans.”

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

120502 ‘Protect the Boss’ Exported into Ukraine

SBS drama Protect the Boss set a new record of success in exporting to Ukraine.

Having aired August of 2011, Protect the Boss (written by Kwon Ki Young, directed by Son Jung Hyun) is waiting to be aired as the first drama to be exported to a Ukrainian standard broadcast channel.

Protect the Boss is a popular and successful production of both romance and comedy about a novice secretary, No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) and an incompetent, conglomerate’s son, Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung).

According to the SBS Contents Hub, in charge of international exports of SBS programs, the broadcasting rights and the remake publication rights of Protect the Boss were both sold to a Ukrainian broadcast channel. “Starting 2013, there are plans to create a new Ukrainian remake of the drama.”

They added, “The Russian remake of the drama, That Woman, featuring Shim Hye Jin, Jang Dong Jik, Jung Sung Hwan, Oh Yoon Ah, and Kim Jung Nan, reached number one, as well as a rating of 42% when broadcasted in Ukraine,” and “It seems that Ukraine’s interest in Korean dramas has heightened.”

Before this, productions have been shared free of cost through the Ukrainian embassies or government offices, or through a distribution company, but this is the first time a program has been sold directly to a broadcasting studio. Depending on the success of Protect the Boss, it has been carefully predicted that it may be possible for the hallyu wave to enter Russian markets.

Meanwhile, Protect the Boss has been sold to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, as well as many other countries, and the DVD will released in Japan at the end of June.

Credit: enewsworld
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120502 Kim Junsu of JYJ Leads Way to Victory at Soccer Game

The celebrity soccer team made up of Korean entertainers called FC Men from Soo Won Blue Wings and the celebrity soccer team made up of Japanese entertainers called FC GEININ held a charity soccer game to help recovery efforts in east Japan, the region severely impacted by the major earthquake last year, at Tokyo National Stadium on April 28, and around 40,000 audience members glowed with enthusiasm while watching the game.

The soccer game was designed to remember the earthquake to mark its one year anniversary. A special performance by Juno (Kim Joon Ho), who is the twin brother of Kim Joon Soo of JYJ, and the five member group M.E.N led to an enthusiastic atmosphere before the game.

The soccer players from both teams appeared on the field and listened to both countries’ national anthems. The leader of FC MEN, Kim Junsu of JYJ, and actor Yoon Sang Hyun donated 20 million yen to Sakurai, the mayor of the city of Minamisoma in Fukushima Prefecture, which suffered the most severe damage from the major earthquake. Kim Junsu received a letter of appreciation from Nakasone, the former Japanese prime minister and the chairman of the Korea and Japan Collaboration Committee, for helping the revival of the region. Kim Junsu said before the game, “I am glad that I can participate in this meaningful event.” And Yoon Sang Hyun said, “It is my honor to become a coach of the Korean soccer team, and I will definitely lead this game to victory.”

FC MEN gave up the opening goal to the Japanese team, but the first half finished in a tie as the Japanese team scored an own goal. The two teams played a tight game in the second half, and the audience went wild while watching the game. FC MEN led the game with better physical conditioning and it was expected to win the game with the fourth goal by Shin Ki Hyun at the 39th minute of the second half, but the game became tied again as the Japanese team scored one more goal. The game looked likely to be tied, but Kim Junsu scored the fifth goal after receiving a pass from actor Lee Wan right before the game finished. The Korea celebrity soccer team won by a score of 5 to 4.

The 40,000 audience members cheered both teams with loud applause while watching the game. Kim Junsu, who ran the whole game without taking a rest for his fans, said, “I felt pressure as the Japanese team was too strong, but I am glad that we finally won the game. I thank our team members’ great effort.”

In addition, the players of FC MEN including Juno, Lee Wan, and Seo Ji Seok ran around the field and presented soccer balls to the audience who rooted for the two teams.

Credit: KBS Global
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120502 Park Yoochun “Hasn’t Been To The Hospital Yet Due To His Busy Schedule” After Getting In A Car Accident

A belated report of singer-cum-actor Park Yoochun’s recent car accident is leaving his fans in a state of worry and concern.

According to a representative of C-JeS Entertainment, the star’s agency, “Park Yoochun got into a car accident in the early hours of the 26th of April near Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, on the way to the filming location of the SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince’.”

Park Yoochun’s manager was driving the van at the time and it was later found that the cause of the accident was the manager dozing off at the wheel. The car rear-ended a truck and the front of the vehicle was damaged beyond recognition. Though Park Yoochun was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, he luckily did not suffer from any major injuries.

His agency stated, “Though Park Yoochun was involved in a car accident, he arrived on location to film for ‘Rooftop Prince’ as he felt it was his responsibility to do so,” and “Though he doesn’t have any external injuries, he has stated that he is suffering from pain in his neck and waist area. He is currently unable to go to the hospital due to his busy schedule for the drama but is planning to get an in-depth medical examination once he wraps up his filming schedule.

Meanwhile, fans have been left amazed at the fact that Park Yoochun took part in the Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony on the same day of the accident and showed nothing out of the ordinary.

Source: [news hankuk]
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I really hope Yoochun’s ok. No matter how busy he is, I hope he’ll make time to have himself checked by a doctor. It’s  better to make sure that he has no injuries.

120501 JYJ & Gong Hyo-jin Reveal Close Relationship Shot

A photograph that shows a close relationship between Gong Hyo-jin and JYJ was revealed.

On 30 April, Gong Hyo-jin posted on her personal me2day, saying “I did well. My abilities are not dead yet” and uploaded an image together with this message.

The image uploaded was of Gong Hyo-Jin and JYJ taken together at a shooting location for a game CF, and Gong Hyo-Jin was posing with a peace sign towards the camera and smiling brightly. Her arm was around JYJ member Jaejoong’s shoulder, this close relationship gaining attention from viewers.

Netizens who saw this image said, “I’m so jealous that you’re with JYJ.” “They look so harmonious,” “I’m interested to see what game this is,” “Hyo-Jin looks like an idol too” and other responses.

Source : [K Star News]
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