JYJ talks about the sasaeng fans controversy

Posted: March 26, 2012 in JYJ
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JYJ Opens Up About Verbally Abusing Fans

During a press conference held in Chile on March 8, JYJ opened up about the recording of them verbally abusing fans in 2009. The JYJ members read their prepared statements with grim faces.

Yoochun began, “After debuting in 2004 we have received a lot of love from the public. However, we have also been pained because of Sasaeng fans for nearly 8 years. It felt like prison because someone would always follow me, watch me, and would try to share everything about me. No matter how I tried to get myself out, I had to continue receiving mental pain while feeling trapped.”

Junsu stated, “I endured the pain because Sasaeng fans are still fans. However, they used our identification to expose our private phone calls and GPS trackers were put on our cars. There were incidents of breaking and entering where a fan would take pictures of our private items. Some fans would try to kiss me while I was asleep and some fans tried to collide with our car in a taxi to see us in person.”

Junsu continued, “Our lives began to crumble as we would always be recorded, touched, and derided. We ask to be allowed at least a bare minimum of living as a human being, while we endure this indescribable pain.”

Jaejoong stated, “We want to give an apology for our unjust behavior in the past. We are sorry because of all the fans that worry for us and share our pain. In the future, we will think about the people that love us as public figures whenever we are in mentally difficult situations. We will think about the responsibility we have and never breakdown.”

Credit: Soompi

I pity the boys for having to do this during the press conference for their South American tour. It’s so sad that this issue had to happen while they were about to have another epic concert in another country. But I am proud of the boys for their willingness to admit that at some point, they have done wrong. It takes courage to do that and I applaud them for being man enough to make a public apology like this.

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh!! T5ried to kiss Junsu while he was asleep?! …and people wonder why they were angry? *rolls eyes*

  2. Anonymous says:

    dont be like that respect their private life gogogogogo jyj

  3. Humaira says:

    O.O… This really scares me…..I mean…WHY IN THE WORLD do they NOT have bodyguards?? JYJ don’t deserve this. the whole SM lawsuit thing and now this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did break down. I know it was wrong of them to use physical and verbal violence, but there are some seriously MESSED UP fans out there that JYJ should not have to deal with….no…those aren’t even fans…they are STALKERS. If they were fans, they would not want JYJ to suffer like they have for the past 8 YEARS! This is just so INSANE, are they not human beings? Do they not deserve their own privacy? Thats all they want….peice of mind, that they aren’t constantly being watched, harrased, followed etc….this is the BARE MINIMUM they ask for.

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