Hey, everyone! :)

I’m finally back from a 3 months hiatus. I’m happy to be able to post on my blog again because I really missed updating about JYJ news and their activities. I was forced to be on hiatus for a couple of months because I was busy with work. I was so stressed and pressured that I didn’t have the energy and the time to update anymore. I’m actually busy until now but I just felt the urge to blog again because I think that my blog’s idleness for 3 months is unforgivable (at least for me). Haha. I can’t promise to update often but I will definitely try to do it when I have free time.

So, a lot of news about JYJ came out while I was on my blogging break, which I didn’t get to share to my readers. I’m really sorry! I apologize especially to those who had been following my blog for JYJ news. I cannot post all the past news here because there’s just too many of them but I did post JYJ’s twitter updates translated by Dongbangdata.net starting from the last one I posted last December 2011 until their latest translations this March 2012. I posted them in their corresponding dates to make archiving a lot easier.

Anyway, let me just give my comments/opinions on some news that came out while I was on hiatus:

JYJ’s South America Tour
I am so proud of our boys! They are not only the first Korean artists to have a concert in South America but their concerts were also very successful! Congratulations to JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu for a job well done and thank you to all the South American fans who supported them. :)

Yoochun in Rooftop Prince
Yay, another drama by Yoochun! I saw the teasers and the drama really looks interesting. I love watching Yoochun in these light dramas and I’m sure I’ll love this just like how I loved Sungkyunkwan Scandal before. I think the first episode already aired this week and I can’t wait to watched the subbed videos. If anyone knows where I can watch the English subbed episode, please send me a message. ;)

Junsu in the musical ‘Elisabeth’
What more can I say? Junsu is definitely the king of musicals! Also, I love Junsu’s blonde hair! He is so freakin’ hot. Haha. He actually looks like JaeJoong during their OJBH days every time his blonde hair is styled upwards.

JaeJoong to star in a period drama
I’m not sure if this is confirmed but if it is, then it will really be an interesting drama to watch. I’ve always wanted to see what JaeJoong would look like if he were to play a role in a period drama. I’m excited!

Yoochun’s father passed away
My condolences to Yoochun and his family. :( I’m glad that he’s staying strong for his mom and his younger brother Yoohwan. I hope he’ll feel better soon and I’ll always be praying for him and his family.

JYJ and the sasaeng fans controversy
This is a pretty hot topic so I’ll write my opinion on another post.

Ok, so that’s it for now. I’ll try to post again tomorrow. :)


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