120307 JYJ Twitter Updates

Posted: March 7, 2012 in JYJ, Xiah Junsu
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120307 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Holy crap O__O Bad flight experience for Junsu :(
(Junsu, 5:13am KST) Arrived in LA…… Another… 11-hour flight awaits me…… Geez……. You’re kidding, right….?

(Junsu, 5:30pm KST) What demons are expected to be driven away by this….

(Junsu, 5:32pm KST) We should have arrived in Chile by now… but I’m still in LA…… What cruel game is fate playing on me….ㅜ

(Junsu, 5:41pm KST) We arrived in LA at 10am local time.. Our flight to Chile was scheduled to take off at 2pm.. but was delayed to 4pm.. and again to 7pm.. They say it’s a mechanical issue. People were finally able to start boarding the plane at 10… With the large sound of the engine, I thought that we were finally setting off…. but.. the pilot slammed on the brakes right before the plane lifted off from the ground….

(Junsu, 5:53pm KST) In an instant.. a burnt smell engulfed the entire plane.. They say it was a problem with the propeller……. What should I classify this happening as… in all the experiences I’ve had so far…

(Junsu, 5:59pm KST) All in all.. I spent exactly 12 hours waiting at the airport… ate all three of my latest meals at the airport.. and finally when I thought we’d be setting off… The flight was cancelled in the end… Where should I go….

(Junsu, 6:05pm KST) I think there was a problem with the propeller from the start… Which was why the flight was delayed by eight hours today.. But what was more important than that.. is that just as the plane began moving… and just when it was about to lift off from the ground at great speeds… a bird was sucked into the propeller at that moment…

Source: [Junsu’s  Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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