111225 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Merry Early Christmas~
(Junsu, 1:45pm KST) Merry christmas~~~^^

Jaejoong has one hell of a depressing Christmas, should have come to my house ;)
(Jaejoong, 3:13pm KST) I wonder if everyone’s had a warm Christmas?

(Jaejoong, 3:14pm KST) This is the only tree I’ve got this time.. pic.twitter.com/bMQ6DsoW

(Jaejoong, 3:15pm KST) And I’m alone.. pic.twitter.com/GW1nU8nc

(Jaejoong, 3:16pm KST) When I was reaching the peak of my depression.. I saw a skull gazing upon me… pic.twitter.com/wgGOvtYg

(Jaejoong, 3:17pm KST) Huh…? What’s this.. pic.twitter.com/kjaNGSFO

(Jaejoong, 3:18pm KST) I took a closer look.. and noticed that they’re all elephants..;; pic.twitter.com/JBQL1wgF

(Jaejoong, 3:19pm KST) I end up playing a soccer game alone with the elephants as spectators… pic.twitter.com/dUeUwqBN

(Jaejoong, 3:20pm KST) This is how I spent my Christmas.. Why is it that you’ve seen everything but me, you ask..? I’m wearing sweatpants and a tattered t-shirt.. hm.. I’ll leave it up to your imagination~ Anyway, Merry Christmas^^

Source: [Jaejoong+Junsu’s Twitter]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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