KBS CEO Kim In Gyu: “It’s possible for JYJ to file a retrial request for Pierrot”

Posted: October 13, 2011 in JYJ
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111004 KBS’ CEO Kim In Gyu Says, “It’s Possible For JYJ To File A Retrial Request For ‘Pierrot’”

KBS’ vague criteria for reviewing K-Pop has become the center of scrutiny.

Congressman Jeon Byung Hyun of the Democratic party and the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications criticized KBS during the National Assembly’s parliamentary inspection of the administration on the 4th as he said, “KBS is causing confusion amongst the public by applying their personal interpretation in their reviews of Korean pop songs.”

When Congressman Jeon raised the question, “JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ has been banned from broadcasting for containing the lyrics ‘P.S.M’ that KBS claimed were directed at a specific individual, so what are the criteria for your reviews?” KBS’ CEO Kim In Gyu stated, “According to the review committee, ‘P.S.M’ in JYJ’s ‘Pierrot’ is directed at a specific individual,” and “JYJ’s side stated that P.S.M means ‘Professional Success Music’ but this doesn’t fit with the lyrics as a whole.

To this, Congressman Jeon stated, “Is KBS the spokesperson of Lee So Man?” and “The person who wrote the lyrics denied your claims but why do you refuse to believe him? Should we all be making the assumption that Lee Soo Man is P.S.M?” CEO Kim replied, “The members of the committee stated that this was a common assumption but I will order the review committee to interpret the lyrics with flexibility.”

CEO Kim also added, “JYJ is free to submit a request for a retrial at any time.”

Congressman Jeon stated, “Banning songs for reasons of negative beliefs, emotions and lyrics over national pride and psyche isn’t a review, it’s censorship. This makes us wonder if KBS is trying to decide what the beliefs and psyche of the entire nation?” and “Reviewing K-pop is just that, a review, not censorship. KBS must make proper guidelines that the people of our nation will be able to understand.

KBS released its review results on its homepage on the 28th of September and was immediately swept up in controversy when it was found that JYJ’s ‘Mission’ and ‘Pierrot’ were banned for reasons of ‘personal attacks in lyrics’.

Source: [naeil]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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