JYJ: From the peak to the rock bottom

Posted: October 13, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ From the Peak to the Rock Bottom… Now We’re Masters at Most Hardships

Junsu: “We have never clashed in conflict in working on our music. On the contrary, we ask each other because we try to hear the other member’s opinion and we each seek to accommodate them. When doing so, definitely we got good opinions.”

Yoochun: In any case, since the fans waited for a long time and gave us strength and courage we wish it to be a good present. Because we did not purposefully create self-compositions to become singer-songwriters. In the beginning it was difficult. Because we did not have the songs to use in our concerts at that moment. It is that a hardship turned into a blessing. It was a good learning experience. Because we ourselves drew it from the sketch. Now, even with the members, there is a different sort of trust than what before. There is also confidence for the next album.”

Because there were many hardships, they seemed as if they had become masters in most hardships. Overnight, they went from the position of the very top enjoying everything there is to enjoy to experiencing rock bottom—and it was a precious opportunity for growth. They said in unison the following optimistically:

“For middling things we do not become stressed. We have also become desensitized. If we were to become angry there is no gain from that. We think it will be fine if we just stay put and do our work diligently. We are thankful at merely one small thing. Before, we used to become irritated at a small thing but now we’ve become the opposite.”

JYJ had been touring the world but this summer they enjoyed their individual time. Yoochun enjoyed sea-fishing by going down to Pusan after the KBS drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal without doing solo schedules. Jaejoong took rest at home quietly except for filming the SBS drama Protect the Boss and recording albums in the studio. Junsu was the most active. Except for making a cameo appearance in the SBS drama Scent of a Woman after appearing in the musicals, he participated enthusiastically in the activities of the idol soccer team FC MEN. Thanks to that, he has become close friends with not only Kim Hyunjoong but also B2ST’s Doojoon and Kikwang.

JYJ is preparing a special tour with this album—the European Tour. JYJ will have a performance on the coming 29th in Palau Sant Jordi of Barcelona, Spain and on November 6th in Tempodrom of Berlin, Germany. The also plan to continue their participation in many society-giving activities. I heard their visions for their future directly from them.

“The European Tour can be thought as separate from the World Tour that we have had so far. From before many countries in Europe including Spain sent us love calls to perform but the timing worked this time around. It is the same with honorary ambassadors—you do not become one because you want to. When there is a request, we always think of it positively and we do it if it works in our schedule. It came in to work in our timing and so we were able to do it. We are thankful that they give us such an opportunity. From now on, we plan to always give and share.”

JYJ had become one in music and become solos in acting—they have ceaselessly ran as such. They made clear their intention to act as a group that shares love in forever remembering the moving moments that the fans have shown them in concerts.

[Parts similar to translations previously posted on JYJ3 omitted]

Source: Spotrs World
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Please do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.


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