JYJ: “Evolution of a Producer, hard but rewarding”

Posted: October 13, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ “Evolution of a Producer, Hard but Rewarding”

(caption:JYJ’s first Korean album has been released. On this album, JYJ have been born again as producers, participating in more than 80% of the final product)

There is no limit for “Muneunim” Kim Jaejoong, “The fisherman who has dreams of fishing” Park Yoochun, and “the football player that is about more than just football” Kim Junsu. The JYJ members have just finished their personal activities and returned with their first regular album. After their 2010 worldwide english album, this time their album is full of Korean language songs. The album contains double title tracks “In Heaven” and “Get Out” as well as a message to the fans, “Boy’s Letter”.

On the 30th, we met with JYJ in a cafe in Seoul in order to discuss the release of their first Korean album. Kim Jaejoong, who was taking a break from his filming of his debut drama “Protect the Boss” still had some remaining fatigue. However Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu looked relatively rested. “I have spent the past month swimming, fishing, and taking my boat out on the sea in Busan” Park Yoochun said while Kim Junsu stated “Through playing soccer I have been able to meet with many of my celebrity friends, such as BEAST’s Ki Kwang”. Saying things such as these, if we did not know they were idols, it would seem the two boys were ordinary 20-year-old men.

From Producing to Everything Else “It is not an easy task, but the sense of accomplishment feels great

(caption: JYJ have been appointed as international ambassadors for many organizations, including positions as UNAIDS Goodwill ambassadors, and have done work as ambassadors by promoting the organizations internationally. About this, JYJ said “The hardest thing about this is being able to poperly divide our attention to our activities as well as our album”)

Q: Please tell us your feelings on the release of your first Korean album that has just happened

“Because this is our first Korean album, we are having many emotional moments about it. In these past two years we have put in many efforts and memories into this album, creating more than 80% of it. From January, we started to perform the songs so our fans have known about them, but now the public can also get a feel for our songs.” (Kim Jaejoong)

Q: “Looking at this album, you get the feeling of a group that has evolved into producers. You also composed some songs as well”

“It is difficult as a singer-songwriter to deliberately say what I tried to create. However, working with the pitch of the songs, this album naturally told very heartbreaking stories, I think. Rather than feeling that we must write songs to perform them, instead we thought “It is a blessing for us to create music directly. We can use this to continue to grow” (Kim Jaejoong)

“Before it was like we would just paint color onto a picture, and now it’s like you can create the foundation for your picture yourself. It is hard work, but when compared to the sense of accomplishment achieved it is worth it. At a basic level, it shows the faith that we have in each other that we could create an album filled with our efforts. I think we have gained a lot more confidence and the ability to study even harder for our next album” (Kim Junsu)

Q: While working with each other did your opinions ever clash?

“Never once have we had a conflict over our music” (Park Yoochun)

“This album shows JYJ’s colors. Because of this, we did not want to have any regrets in creating it. That is why the members were more willing to listen to each other. Our good process of accepting the opinions of the other members is made clear in the results” (Kim Junsu)

“There is always a matter of pride in everything you do, but not asking the opinion and trusting the talents of the others who are by your side is a bad thing. For example at the end of “Boy’s Letter”, it calls for Junsu to have high notes with a lot of energy. At first I thought it would be too hard for Junsu to do and I worried. However, he had done much conditioning and in the end, I was watching him with the thought of “here is one of the number one singer-songwriters in Asia” (Kim Jaejoong)

Q: In this album, what part is the emphasis on?

“We tried to create popular songs that still had the JYJ color to them. Other writers have written some songs, but we did not want to change out own melodies or compositions. We picked our title songs because of this. I think our most attractive feature is the “JYJ rising harmony” that you can hear in the songs.

“Get Out” was written by Yoochun and I in two hours. We wrote the song about a bad friend and a woman who has left with him, and wrote about it in a circular way in order to pass the censorship. “In Heaven” was written as a song of a person yearning for love. It does not have a happy ending. I think it shows reality of people” (Kim Jaejoong)

Television Appearance Still a High Mountain to Climb: “We have not given up or fluctuated”

(caption: Two members Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong told us about their love styles. Yoochun said about Jaejoong “depending on the situation, you can find him to have a very blunt yet caring style.” He also added “He can be very sweet and charming at times as well”)

Q: After the album release the song “Pierrot” was said by KBS Music to not be sufficient for broadcasting. Because of this, you have received many responses, haven’t you?

“After some deliberations took place we heard that a couple of our songs did not pass, and we were not offended. However the banning of the song “Pierrot” left a lot of unanswered questions. It was strange that KBS did not pass it because both SBS and MBC had already done so. (according to KBS report, the lyric in “Pierrot” that contained the word p.s.m was taken to stand for “President Soo Man”, and therefore counted as a personal attack against someone, making it ineligible for broadcast.)

In fact, when SBS reviewed the songs they asked us about this part. I described it as the P standing for “performers”, and S for “success”, and the M for “museum”. KBS, when deliberating, did not clarify the lyrics with me. If you think the lyrics mean something, you should always clarify with the company or the creator. Why they did not do this with my song, I am not sure. Though it is not a title song, we are planning to ask for reconsideration. I would just like them to acknowledge the true definition of this term.” (Kim Jaejoong)

Q: Are you comfortable with this situation? Can Activities for this album be broadcasted?

“In the past when even a small bad thing occurred, I felt down. Now it is the exact opposite. I just look at things such as “when is the album to be released?” “where is it in the rankings?” (laughs). Honestly, not only looking at broadcasts such as Music bank and other programs and music shows, we also like to look at foreign overseas opportunities as well”. (Kim Junsu)

“In fact, this album was going to be released in the summer, however we were met with problems from the distributors who said they would not release. Fortunately after waiting we received good news [about the release]. I would really like to have broadcasting activities. I think we could do it since [our album] is going up in the rankings? Thank you [to the fans] for making that happen. (Kim Jaejoong)

(caption: JYJ also relieved the love style of member Kim Junsu. Kim Jaejoong said “On the phone, Junsu tends talk with an enormous amount of charm”)

Q: Are there any activities you want to do for this album?

“I want to show my appeal as a good singer in Korea, as well as take the opportunity to get to showcase our music in other countries. Also, I have not fluctuated in the want for fair and equal opportunities to be given to us to hold activities on stage.” (Kim Junsu)

“I think many people would get angry and stressed to be in our situation. We, however, do not feel that way. Instead of getting angry, we like to rejoice at the good things. We will work hard, even though we are still not the best. (Kim Jaejoong)

European Tour and Activities Challenging the Limit.

(caption: JYJ member Park Yoochun’s love style was relvealed. Member Junsu said “Yoochun tends to have a very mature style when he speaks to his girlfriend. He trains them as though they are children”)

Q: Yoochun and Jaejoong have taken on the acting challenge starting in “Sungkyungkwan Scanal”, “Miss Ripley”, and “Protect the Boss” respectively. Kim Junsu also took on a cameo appearance in “Scent of a Woman”. How did you make your acting and music go together?

“I’ve always had a desire for performance even in the past. I was waiting for a good chance to come around. When I find a story that I personally find funny or attractive, I become greedy and try to take it. I can also be greedy when it comes to taking chances to meet the public on stage in concerts” (Park Yoochun)

(caption: On October 29th, JYJ will perform a concert in Spain at the Palau San Jordi. Agencry officials have stated “in the first week, nearly 80% of all tickets have been sold out”)

A/N: Parts similar to what JYJ3 has already translated were omitted.

Source: Nate
Translation: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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