JaeJoong, Yoochun and Junsu talk about themselves as actors

Posted: October 13, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu. Elvis Was An Actor At Least…

The members of the group JYJ are gaining the title of actors.

Kim Junsu (24) began by appearing at the beginning of last year in the musical Mozart!. Park Yoochun (25) and Kim Jaejoong (25) have one after the other shown good acting. They are in the middle of becoming recognized in their abilities as actors.

Recently, Kim Jaejoong received favorable reviews for his portrayal of the 3rd generation chaebol Cha Muwon, who was frigid and serious but had a warm heart. He scratched his head, saying: “I was the last one among he members to act. Prior to I acted Junsu and Yoochun had shown good acting in musicals and dramas so I felt much pressure.”

He also had much fear. He is not satisfied in himself, even though there are more positive reviews than negative ones for his first acting: “I think I started the drama when my mindset was not groomed to be that of an actor. I think I can show a more improved self in my next project.”

However, he did smile: “Prior to starting the drama, I did have the wish that at the very least I did not want to seem like a singer among the other actors. Fortunately, I think the drama came out well, and so I feel happy.”

His self-assessment is that he lacks a thousand things as an actor. He evaluates that first, he “lacks the naturalness, as an actor.” But he showed his determination: “My naturalness in acting, from the first episode and the final episode, had transformed to a degree that I cannot even describe its magnitude. From now on I want to keep acting and want to show a more improved self. If there is a good project I will show you my new appeals as an actor.”

It seems that Park Yoochun may feel disappointed that MBC TV’s Miss Ripley in which he recently appeared did not have a big response as compared to that of KBS TV’s Sungkyunkwan Scandal in which he appeared last year.

Park Yoochun poured out: “After I finished Sungkyunkwan Scandal I received a great love and so I felt pressure. My desire to act better was great.” However, he said: “After appearing in Miss Ripley, I sensed aspects that were lacking. I want to concentrate on and start filling out those aspects.” In particular, he assessed: “I sensed that I lacked variety. Because I had residue of Sungkyunkwan Scandal left, I think I was pressured when acting the character inside of Miss Ripley.”

On Kim Jaejoong who had appeared in a drama later than he had, Park Yoochun saw it as follows: “He acted well.” It is that: “Jaejoong acted a character that was the same as mine, the director of headquarters, but from him came out a color and scent that was unique to him—and at that fact I felt envious.” He stuck out his tongue (in amazement): “He was tremendously good in kiss scenes. Jaejoong has an image that blends exquisitely softness and strength.  It is an aspect that I yearn for but I lack… He handled it so well that admiration came forth from me.”

Junsu who says that he has seen all dramas in which the members have appeared, such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Miss Ripley and Protect the Boss, showed his happiness: “I was proud of Yoochun and Jaejoong.” He showed his wonder: “I saw the two as the characters in the drama and not singers.” He said: “I felt that they were doing well as actors and so I was proud.”

Kim Junsu had a cameo appearance in SBS TV’s Scent of a Woman in which Kim Seonah and Lee Dongwook played leads. Kim Junsu who has rapidly risen as a star in the field of musicals through Mozart! and Tears of Heaven and such relayed: “A drama was very different from musicals, for instance (the former has) close-ups. I appeared briefly in a drama but it was a good learning opportunity for me, for instance I thought about how I would have acted it differently if it were a musical.” He also confessed: “I observed them filming through the night and I thought that it would not be possible to appear in a drama rashly.”

The three members of JYJ who have released their first Korean-language album In Heaven will concentrate on their activities as singers before choosing their next projects. In Heaven which was released on the 28th of last month recorded 300,000 copies in pre-orders.

JYJ is working towards an expansion into Europe as well. They will start out in performing in Barcelona, Spain on the 29th in Palau Sant Hordi and in Berlin, Germany on the 6th of November and will thus turn to on-the-location-activities in earnest.

Source: Newsis
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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