JYJ all-out reveal for Penzal Q song, aims for the female heart

Posted: October 2, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ All-Out Reveal for Penzal Q Song, Aims for the Female Heart

JYJ, which recently entered into a contract with Jongkeundang, has sung the Penzal Q Song and is a hot issue.

The Penzal Q Song which was surprise-revealed on Penzal Q’s official Facebook (www.facebook.com/penzalQ) is an advertising music that marries popular appeal with musical value and so attracts attention.

If tired, lean on me. Take my hand. Don’t be ill. Through ill hearts and sad tears—I will be with you. The lyrics are filled with sweet words that allow one to peek into the heart of a lover.

The advertisement’s CM reminds one of a “nursing man” because it portrays the sensitive heart of a boyfriend who wishes his girlfriend to not be sick.

Netizens responded as follows: “My headache is going away.” “It would be horrible to be really sick.” “I can already feel from the sheet music the feel of JYJ’s singing and their hearts.”

An affiliate of Jongkeundang’s Penzal Q revealed: “The advertising music of Penzal Q has bee fitted for JYJ. Music director Kwon Kyujin and the talent in the popular music and drama music industry Zeenan (Jung Jinhwan) collaborated.”

Jung Jinhwan is a hit composer who has created about 300 songs, including Looking which was a theme song for the drama Secret Garden, Bad Person which became a hit after Paek Jiyoung sang in drama Hwangjin-ee, and All For You by Cool.

On the other hand, the background music sung by JYJ can be seen in the Penzal Q advertisement which will be on air starting October 1.

Source: TVReport
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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