JYJ: “Personal Attack on Lee Sooman? An arbitrary interpretation by KBS. Will submit an explanatory document

Posted: October 2, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ: “Personal Attack on Lee Suman? An Arbitrary Interpretation by KBS. Will Submit an Explanatory Document

JYJ’s new song Pierrot has received the decision of being unfit to be aired from KBS. JYJ plans to submit an explanatory document claiming that the decision is unfair and to request a re-deliberation.

KBS recently laid the decision that the song Pierrot is unfit to be aired. The reason as presented by KBS is that it is “a personal attack against an individual.” It argues that the term p.s.m. in the lyrics mean “president Lee Suman” and that this holds a personal grudge toward a specific individual.

At this, JYJ has said that it is unfair and has stepped out give an immediate response. An affiliate of JYJ emphasized: “This is an arbitrary interpretation by KBS. During the deliberations process, they have never even asked us whether it is a personal attack against a certain individual. The lyrics were certainly not written to aim at someone.”

The affiliate revealed: “In the case of SBS, during their process of deliberation they asked us—“what does this word mean, it is not a swear word, is it?” If the term was unclear in meaning they can just ask. But they made an arbitrary interpretation and laid down the decision of Pierrot being unfit to air as if that interpretation was a fact. We think that to do so is unfair.”

Therefore, JYJ plans to submit a document explaining the environment behind the lyrics in question and to request a new deliberations.

JYJ’s affiliates explained: “Jaejoong, who has written the lyrics, explained that ‘the overall content of the lyrics is a criticism of society.’ The lyrics were certainly not written to aim at someone.”

JYJ’s affiliates relayed: “Nowadays in song lyrics, words without meanings or new words not in the dictionary (yet) are appearing en masse and being broadcasted. It seems that the term was used to (vaguely) refer to a director or a master who controls others.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong who composed and wrote the lyrics for Pierrot left a message on his Twitter on the afternoon of the 28th and gathered the attention of the fans: “You are free to imagine as you will—since you are a human. I am curious as to what sort of a human imagined as such, what kind of a picture will be formed. Boss fighting, Album fighting.”

Source: NoCutNews
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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