Exclusive checkout counters appear again for JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’ album

Posted: October 2, 2011 in JYJ
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JYJ In Heaven Exclusive Checkout Counter Again Appears. “No Name-Recognition Still?”

An exclusive checkout counter for the group JYJ has again appeared.

The first Korean-language album from JYJ, In Heaven, was revealed on online music websites on the 15th. It was released off-line on the 27th.

This album broke 300,000 copies in preorders and received an explosive response even prior to its release. At this, Synnara Record made one feel JYJ’s popularity, saying: “Due to the sudden increase of web traffic we have prepared a temporary checkout page for JYJ’s album.”

This is not all. Checkout counters exclusive for JYJ that are prepared in off-line stores are gathering attention on online communities. In fact, in Kyobo Books Hot Tracks there is a sign that reads “JYJ-Exclusive Checkout Counter.” For those that will purchase the CD, they have piled them in boxes.

This is not the only instance. At the time of release of the first worldwide album The Beginning last year, checkout counters and CD racks exclusive to JYJ had been prepared and so had become hot issues.

At this, netizens have responded as follows: “An artist with such a low name-recognition value has its own exclusive checkout counter.” “Indeed, those who will do well will do well.” “This is the beginning now! JYJ Fighting.” “I am somehow proud. I am going going to purchase the CD.” “Indeed, JYJ. Nowadays JYJ is tops.”

Source: ENews24
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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