‘Protect the Boss’ has 5 common points with ‘Secret Garden, certified hit drama

Posted: October 2, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110927 ‘Protect the Boss’ has 5 common points with ‘Secret Garden’, hit drama certified

SBS Wed-Thus drama ‘Protect the Boss’ has 5 common points with hit drama of 2010 ‘Secret Garden’, climbing to hit dramas line.

♦  Growth story of Chaebol 3rd generation

In ‘Secret Garden’ case, it’s a growth story of the CEO of Department store Kim Joowon (Hyun Bin), who was known as ‘kkadonam (rough and arrogant city man). Having trauma owing to an elevator accident when he was little, he has always been arrogant until he met Gil Ra Im (Ha Jiwon) and gradually began to change. In ‘Protect the Boss’ case, chaebol 3rd generation Cha Jihun (Jisung) had panic disorder since he was little and it was worse after his brother’s accident. He began to change little by little after meet Eunseol.

Both appeared as chaebol with this kind of famous line “Don’t you know how the stock price will climb up and down with only one of my signature?” The parodies of ‘Buyout’, ‘Assault’, ‘Community service’, etc., along with gossips about chaebol also came in the scene. This way, two dramas with its complications and its colorful episodes tell the growth stories of chaebol 3rd generation and also stories about human. FYI, Joowon only has grandfather and mother, Jihun only has grandmother and father, which is a noticeable distinction.

♦  Stuntwoman vs Secretary

‘Secret Garden’ shows the world of stuntwomen through character Gil Ra Im and ‘Protect the Boss’ delivers the hidden story of Secretary Department through character No Eunseol. It happened that two characters were masters of martial arts and fight so actually, Ha Jiwon and Choi Kanghee had an exceptional amount of action scenes.

♦  Main actors, popular stars certified

In ‘Secret Garden’ case, main actors Hyun Bin, Ha Jiwon, Yoon Sanghyun and Kim Sarang drew overwhelming attention. Through this drama, Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon were upgraded to best stars in one step; Yoon Sanghyun also joined the rank of Hallyu stars. In addition, Kim Sarang has become CF star and went closer to the viewers; supporting actors Kim Sung Oh, Yoo In Ah and Lee Jongsuk were discovered.

In the case of ‘Protect the Boss’, the enthusiastic performance of Jisung, Choi Kanghee, Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye led to much attention. Jisung and Choi Kanghee once again proved their leader position in rom-com; Kim Jaejoong has successfully soft-landed in his first drama challenge. Also, through this drama, Wang Jihye received compliments, estimated as the ‘rediscovery of Wang Jihye’. The perfect harmony of veteran actors like Park Young Kyu who has made a return after such long time, Cha Hwa Yeon, Kim Chung, etc. is also a big harvest.

♦  Here come emerging filming locations

Even the filming locations of ‘Secret Garden’ provoked a big topic. The house of Joowon (Hyun Bin) and Oska (Yoon Sanghyun) in luxury Mime Vision Village in Yeoju; Seaes Hotel at Jeju-do where Joowon and Ra Im shared their first kiss; Resom Resort of Jecheon; Roel Department store where Joowon worked, which is, in reality, Cheongnyangni Lotte Department store; these places have become explosively popular.

It was the same in ‘Protect the Boss’ case. The famed house in Sungbuk-dong of actress Seo Joo Hee where Jihun (Ji Sung) and Eunseol (Choi Kanghee) had a railing kiss; Seongnam City Hall that was set up into DN Group; Sinnonhyeon-dong Puerto store where Jihun did part-time job; Gangchon campus of Duzon Group where located the reception hall; these places also become famous spots of ‘filming location pilgrimage’ among viewers.

♦  Fierce fight between famous lines and famous kisses

It won’t be too exaggerated to say that every episode of ‘Secret Garden’ was filled with famous lines. “The training suit that an Italian artisan carefully crafted stitch by stitch,” “Is this the best you can do? Are you sure?” “Since when did you become so pretty?” “You’ve got message, you’ve got message” are some lines that you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, Joowon and Ra Im called each other ‘Gil taeng-ja’ (T/N: 탱자, trifoliate orange that is very bitter and unable to be eaten fresh, as Ra Im (라임) means ‘lime’ in Korean) and ‘Kim ttol-chu’ (T/N: 똘추, 똘is short for 또라이 (ttora-i) = imbecie, 추 is short for 추리닝(Churining) = training suit. Thus, 똘추= imbecile in training suit). ‘Sit up scene’, ‘bench kiss’, ‘bubble kiss’, ‘storm kiss’, ‘party kiss’, ‘bed kiss’ were shown and got much love from the viewers.

There are also many famous lines in ‘Protect the Boss’. Jihun fell in love with Eunseol and confessed, “There is a stone of universe stuck in the limbic system of my brain.” “Let’s give our dating a temporary holiday,” “Let’s close down our love,” those lines could also be heard. In addition, Jihun and Eunsul called each other ‘Loser’ and ‘The stone of universe’, showing lovely image. They had ‘ambush kiss’ then ‘railing kiss’, ‘motel kiss’. Kim Jaejoong and Wang Jihye also shared ‘in-car kiss’ then ‘milk kiss’ and ‘storm kiss’.

SBS drama production crew said, “Secret Garden and Protect the Boss have gained much popularity, it happened that there were many similarities. Thanks to that, two dramas received many compliments and had high ratings. ‘Secret Garden sickness’ and ‘Boss sickness’ also become buzzwords.” “We will continue to make good dramas that can receive much love from the viewers like this in the future.”

Source: Sports World via Nate
Translation credit: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
Please do not remove, alter, or add to the credits.


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