Penzal Q filming: Yoochun’s lovely eye smile gives a fun and refreshing feeling

Posted: September 26, 2011 in JYJ, Micky Yoochun
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JYJ Yoochun. At His Lovely Smile of the Eyes, Even the Filming Staff Feels Refreshed and Fun

The photos directly taken of JYJ’s Yoochun on the filming set of an advertisement has been revealed.

On September 22, Penzal Q revealed through its official facebook the photos of JYJ in the set of the filming. JYJ has been selected as the model for one of Zongkeundang’s main products, Penzal Q.

In the photo, Yoochun is putting himself to filming, wearing a suit that is of a lovely style, and sometimes serious and sometimes teeming with playfulness. In particular, his cute and bright smile of the eyes added to the refreshing atmosphere of the filming set and melted hearts of numerous women.

The three members who reunited after quite a while all immersed themselves into filming with a happy expression and so they gave the staff on set much energy.

The netizens who came across the photo showed a variety of responses: “Looks like a playful prince.” “His visual is great.” “Wow, totally cute~~.”

On the other hand, JYJ is gathering interest with their first appearance on an advertisement airing on public TV. Their advertisement for Penzal Q, “Do not hurt,” can be seen in the beginning of October on the official facebook of Penzal Q and on public TV.

Source: Hankyung Star News
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. i just loooooooove Micky!! ^^

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