JYJ Reveals the Cell Phone CF with “Get Out” Background. Explosive Appeal in Black Suits

Group JYJ’s cell phone CF has been revealed and is thus gathering attention.

JYJ was selected to be the model for Optimus Q2, the smart phone from LG Electronics. On the 20h, LG Electronics revealed: “Because JYJ’s musicality, powerful performance, and the chic feel melded well with the particularities of the product, we have come to have them as its model.”

The current ad uses the music video of Get Out which is a song included on JYJ’s first Korean-language album and is becoming a hot issue. In the ad, JYJ wearing a black suit is singing and dancing to Get Out and is exuding charisma.

The netizens who saw this responded as follows: “I wish to see them on TV soon.” “Totally cool.” “Is it that you’re finally going to be on public TV? Daeback.” “Is this like a preview? My heart beats in just watching this.” “Going going to preorder the phone!”

Source: ENews24
Translation Credit: JYJ3
Video Credit: lovchar2000@youtube


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