Yoochun’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook: Ideal Woman, Appeal Point

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Micky Yoochun
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Yoochun’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook — Ideal Woman, Appeal Point

Q: Please let us know of an “appeal point” for which you could say “if you were to go out with me, you’ll find these things to be good.”

Yoochun: Because I am busy I won’t be able to meet her very often. So I won’t be a man who is bothersome. Of course I will send her timely text messages. I will also express my affections a lot. I shall try… I think that always we shall meet with the feeling of new. Even if we become (as old as a) grandfather and grandmother, we will be able to spend time with each other like lovers.

Q: What is the food that you wish your girlfriend would make you?

Yoochun: Croquettes and jjigae! A croquette is something that is eaten as bread in Korea but in Japan you eat it with rice, you know? I think it is good that you can eat it together with rice after preparing the rice. Jjigae (T/N: thick soup, Korean food) is also eaten with rice. So, croquettes and jjigae.

Q: : Is your ideal woman unchanged from before?

Yoochun: That a domestic/family-oriented woman is my ideal has not changed! But I think that now, on top of that, I wish she’d be someone who can get along well with my mother also. I don’t know what kind of a person will be able to get along well, but now a relative has come over to our house and so there are many women. I wish that she’d be someone who will be able to get along well with them from the beginning, and have a personality that can be family (with them).

Q: If in the future you get a girlfriend will you reveal that?

Yoochun: Huh? A girlfriend? To who? To me? (Lets out a very deep sigh) To “reveal” means to say to everyone that “I’ve gotten a girlfriend,” right? I really want to try doing that. I want to reveal it. But wouldn’t it be after sufficient time has passed after we begin to date? I think that if it is a woman that I can say “shall I marry her now?” I will reveal it.

Source: @JYJ_Melody
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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