Korea Communication Commission launches a Personal Information Protection Campaign in September

Posted: September 5, 2011 in JYJ
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Korea Communication Commission Launches a Personal Information Protection Campaign in September

The Korea Communication Commission and the Korea Internet & Security Agency revealed on the 31st that in order to strengthen the individual user’s capability to protect his personal information at the wake of repeated draining and (unintended) exposure of personal information on the internet it will launch for the month of September the “2011 Protecting Personal Identity Information Campaign” and will hold  from the 25th to the 30th “Concentrated Duration to Change Passwords.”

On this campaign, all of the major corporations of internet businesses including from the industries of communication, portals, media, shopping malls, finance, medicine, education, and social commerce have participated jointly. The campaign will have as its main contents the changing of passwords, the organization of accounts, and the switch to I-PIN which can be used in lieu of one’s social security number on the web.

This campaign which will take place with JYJ as the main model plan to promote with concentration on a variety of online and offline routes, such as TV, radio, subway, bus, theater, various advertisements and posters through social network services, and campus clubs for information protection of colleges from all over the country.

In order to participate in the campaign, one should click the pop-up or the banner displayed on major websites of Korea or go to the campaign website at www.doitnow2011.kr.

An affiliate from the Korea Communication Commission said: “We anticipate that a culture in which the user himself can grow his own capabilities to protect his personal information to prevent the damage from the draining and misuse of personal information.”

Source: Asia Today
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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