Junsu’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook: Appeal Points, Soccer Team

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Junsu’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook — Appeal Points, Soccer Team

Q: Please let us know of an “appeal point” for which you could say “if you were to go out with me, you’ll find these things to be good.”

Junsu: Um… every night (suddenly laughing playfully) E♪very Night♬! Wow, what do I do (now that I’ve said that). What to do! I’ll sing for the woman that I like every night. I’ll sing whatever is requested!

Q: If in the future you get a girlfriend will you reveal that?

Junsu: I won’t hide it. I also don’t want to make it a secret to the fans. It is natural that a person meets another person and begins to like her. It’s not a bad thing. But since that may put her in a bit of a pinch, I am mindful about that. If the girlfriend has no problems I think personally wouldn’t it be fine to tell everyone and date.

Q: If you do a radio broadcast, what kind of a broadcast would you want to do?

Junsu: I want to do a broadcast that is made by everyone together—the things that the listeners worry about, we will talk about, saying “if it were me, I’d do X.” About love, I think the program can give good advice. The three are all very serious when it comes to love.

Q: The three all joined the soccer team, are they practicing hard?

Junsu: Oh My God (in English)! They are not practicing! It’s only been 3 months since the team was formed. Jaejoong on the first hand joined the team in a position similar to that of a coach. Yoochun joined as a player but does not show enthusiasm… I am thinking about cutting him! Puhahaha!

Source: @listenxiah
Translation Credit: JYJ3

  1. Morgan says:

    Junsu-oppa, so cute ^^

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