Jaejoong’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook: Ideal Girlfriend, Cute Butt and Relaxation

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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Jaejoong’s Interview in 3hree Voices II Photobook — Ideal Girlfriend, Cute Butt, and Relaxation

Q: Please let us know about things for which you could say “if you were to go out with me, you’ll find these things to be good.”

Jaejoong: “As for household tasks, I will do all of them for you. Ah, as for the laundry and tidying up, shall we share them… a bit? (Laugh) As for the meals, I will take care of them. (Suddenly using a solid, “reliable” voice) “Do not worry. I’ll do them for you! Because I’m good at cooking at the very least!”

Q: Is your ideal woman unchanged from before?

Jaejoong: I have said this before, but I wish that she has pretty hands and feet. I also wish that she has a cute butt! As for just what kind of a butt, it’s hard to explain… and I hope she has a lot of cute charm. Someone who presses herself into me while we walk on the street… I like someone who tells me to pamper her (like a baby).

Q: In the past 1 year, what was the moment in which you felt that you have changed the most?

Jaejoong: This applies to all three of us. For those who look at us from the outside, it perhaps seems that we have become more relaxed (because we can afford to)? But it is a feeling that on the inside there is no true relaxation… it is a bit difficult to explain. I think that once the relaxation that is seen from the outside is gone, there will be true relaxation. The important one, probably, is the spiritual one.

Q: Then, if you had a girlfriend, how would that change things?

Jaejoong: I will thoroughly say that “I don’t have a girlfriend, really I don’t have a girlfriend.” Because I’m someone whose heart is discovered easily. During normal times I say “Ah, I really want to have a girlfriend!” But if I were to have a girlfriend, I’d probably avoid your eyes and say “Ah… I don’t have one.” Shall I say that I’d act unnatural? I think something would be a bit off.”

Source: Kim Jaejoong Gallery, ㅇㄹ님
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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