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JYJ announces concert dates for Spain and Germany

C-JeS Entertainment has just announced that JYJ has confirmed concert tours in Europe!

On September 5th, representatives revealed, “JYJ will be heading over to Spain in October and Germany in November for their first solo concerts.”

To start, JYJ will be performing at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain on October 29th. The venue has seen performances from the likes of Ricky Martin and Deep Purple, so fans are looking forward to another great performance on that stage.

JYJ will also be making their way to Germany and are currently in the midst of finalizing their contract with the Tempodrom, a stadium previously used by Paul Robert Potts, the winner of ‘Britain’s Got Talent‘. That concert is currently scheduled for November 6th.

Representatives stated, “After the release of their worldwide album, they’ve received love calls from all over the world, especially Europe. This time, we’ve focused on cities centered around Spain and Germany specifically to allow fans to see JYJ.”

The concert sponsor for Spain stated, “JYJ is receiving a lot of attention amongst European fans for their outstanding artistic traits. Not only that, their album was also released in English through Warner Music, a label familiar to European fans.”

The members of JYJ expressed, “We’re moved that we’re able to prepare concerts for fans that we haven’t met yet. With global anticipation on the rise for Hallyu, we’re going to put forth the best of our performances.”

Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver
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JYJ to Have a Comeback in Korea This Month… On the 6th, the Junsu & Song Jihyo Music Video to be Revealed

Group JYJ  is preparing to have a comeback for the Korean music industry and to release a new song.

JYJ will reveal the music video of their new song In Heaven on the home page of their agency C-JeS Entertainment on the midnight of the 6th and will announce their domestic activities.

JYJ’s affiliate revealed to Star News on the 5th: “We will pre-release the music video of In Heaven which is one of the songs that are included in the album, which will have new songs in Korean.”

In Heaven is a song that has received much love from the fans after JYJ revealed it in concerts in Korea and abroad. It is a song that has put in it the heartbreaking sadness of a goodbye and melds well the sound and harmony of the members.

In the music video, the member Kim Junsu and the actress from the same company Song Jihyo appeared together. The two expressed the heart-wrenching feelings of the song well with the acting of a goodbye that was realistic.

JYJ who has not had many chances to stand on the stage of public television are negotiating with a distribution company the schedule of the album’s release. JYJ recently has had their attempted celebratory performance as honorary ambassador for the Challenge! This is Jeju, New 7 Wonders which was broadcasted by KBS founder.

On the other hand, JYJ is in the middle of planning a tour for the second half of this year.

We hope that C-JeS will do its best to promote the fact that this beloved song is a creation of our own Kim Jaejoong of JYJ.

Source: Star News
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JYJ Tops off the Closing Ceremony for Daegu World Champsionships. “Picnic” Out to Public TV Through Celebratory Performance

Group JYJ has topped off the closing ceremony of the World Track and Field Championships in Daegu in a splendid fashion.

The closing ceremony of the World Track and Field Championships in Daegu 2011 which held focused the attention of the international community for 9 days after launching on the 27th was held in Daegu Stadium on the afternoon of the 4th.

On this day, JYJ stood on the stage of the closing ceremony as the representative singers of Korea and sung Empty. JYJ’s performance melded with the spectacular fireworks that decorated the night and added to the excitement of the closing ceremony.

The athletes who participated in the Championships and the fans from all around the world who filled the Daegu Stadium enjoyed the festival, cheering and letting their shoulders rock.

For the World Track and Field Championships in Daegu 2011, The USA became the 5th consecutive composite winner with 12 gold medals, 8 silvers, and 5 bronzes. In the closing ceremony, the baton of the championships was passed to Moscow which is the location for the 2013 Championships.

Source: TVDaily
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JYJ holds their third fan meet with 2,000 Japanese fans

On September 3rd, the trio of JYJ spent some quality time with their Japanese fans through the ‘2011 Lotte Sweet Dream with JYJ Fan Meet’!

Over 2,000 Japanese fans showed up at the Lotte-sponsored event. Despite it being the third fan meet since the collaboration began back in 2010, representatives were surprised to see that the number of attendees remained strong, and that there were fans who attended all three.

The fan meet was held in a talk show/mini-concert format with special events and a high-five segment. The 20-minute talk show focused on their recent whereabouts, drama filmings, and Japanese activities.

The boys performed a total of four songs, ending the fan meet with a high five for each and every one of the fans.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver
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110903 Post Of JYJ Tweets

Thailand~ I should go too :)
(Jaejoong, 1:12pm KST) The great weather reminds me of Thailand~ I must go on a trip to Thailand!

Drama momma :D (And please tell me this isn’t Yoochun’s ‘tweet of the month’ I want something more interesting, sassy and… well, Yoochun-y)
(Choi Myung Gil, 11:34am KST) @6002theMicky Yoochun, you’re doing well, right?
(Yoochun, 10:58pm KST) @chgmg Mother~^^!!! I apologize for my late reply~^^!!! Of course I’m doing well~!!! You’re healthy, right???

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Malaysia Newspaper: JYJ, Symbol of Determined Youth

JENTAYU, patah sayap bertongkat paruh, patah paruh bertongkat siku, patah siku bertongkat dagu, patah dagu bertongkat kuku (T/N: the poem is about a mythical bird that break its wings that it have to support itself on its beak, then break its beak, it have to support itself on its elbow, then break its elbow, it have to support itself on chin, then break its chin, it have to support itself on its nails. So, basically, the bird keep going on with its life, trying to support itself, despite losing almost everything.) -this lyrics of Sheila Majid’s and Nora’s song which is taken from poem of the late National Literary Usman Awang suddenly crossed in mind when thinking about JYJ.

For the writer, this three fellow ~Jaejoong,Yoochun and Junsu ~ is a symbol of young men that are determined and never giving up.

Despite facing various obstacle and restriction in their singing career ever since leaving DBSK in 2009 – including “cancelled” appearance in the last minute, be it in television or performance stage – they never give up!

And as the result, their talent is being recognized by various parties in South Korean entertainment industry.

Recently, Park Yoochun is chosen as Asian Most Popular Actor for 2011 Seoul Drama Awards, defeating 115 other nominees with 480,000 votes.

He, whom starred in KBS Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal last year have won New Star Award, Netizen Award and Best Couple Award.

This year, Yoochun appear as main cast in MBC drama, Miss Ripley, along with Lee Da Hae.

Furthermore, Kim Junsu shine as stage actor through hit musical theatre like Mozart! and Tears Of Heaven.

Meanwhile, the multitalented Kim Jaejoong not only act in Japanese drama, Hard To Say I Love You, he even directed the 2011 JYJ Worldwide Concert Tour from Asia to North America.

For the time being, his appearance in currently airing SBS Drama, Protect The Boss, even though not as the main, gaining a lot of praises.

Their hard work as a team that doesn’t rely solely on looks really worth it when JYJ popularity is now expanding to USA, they even have chance to collaborate with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins for their album.

This fighting spirit is being admired by their fans and probably Malaysian artist should learn from them.

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Source: Utusan Malaysia
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Boss OST Album, “30,000 Copies in Just Pre-Orders” Domestic Release on the 8th

The OST for the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss is planned to be released on the coming 8th domestically.

The Protect the Boss OST have been revealed online until its Part 7 as digital singles– I Will Protect You by Kim Jaejoong, Please Let Us Just Love by A-Pink, You Don’t Even Know Well by Lynn, I’m Asking You by M-Street, I Can  See Only You by ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Jewelry’s Yewon, Because of You by Hyuwoo, Now I Know by Son Hyeonwoo, and A Sad Song Is by Heo Youngsaeng.

Furthermore, the Protect the Boss OST had repeatedly become the talk of the town whenever the digital singles were released due to the participation of the top vocalists. Lynn, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, M-Street, and Heo Youngsaeng and such completed the top-notch vocal line to make alive the atmosphere of the drama.

An affiliate to the SBS Contents Hub which produced the Protect the Boss OST relayed: “Currently, there are 30,000 gone just in pre-orders. So we are going to first sell the 30,000 copies which the pre-orders have claimed in Korea only.”

On the other hand, the Protect the Boss OST which is being released on the 8th can be purchased online and offline stores. The first 15,000 persons will be gifted a Protect the Boss poster.

Source: TVDaily
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