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110831 “Scent Of A Woman” Concert with JYJ’s Junsu Suddenly Cancelled…Why?

The concert for SBS’s “Scent of a Woman” which was scheduled for 11 September, to be held at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Bangi-dong, Seoul, has been cancelled.

On 31 August, the production team said “As that day is the weekend that is the eve of Chuseok, the admission schedules and traffic inconvenience, as well as other issues which would leave the fans dissatisfied were considered. Furthermore, with the concert expected to end around 11pm, fans living in other areas may not be able to get home on time, it was decided that even though ticketing was already underway, the concert will be cancelled.”

Initially, this concert was planned so that audiences could watch the last episode of the drama “Scent of the Woman” while listening to the soundtrack, and as the drama’s main characters Lee Yeon Jae (Kim Sun Ah) was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer, proceeds of the concert was to be donated to children who were suffering from cancer.  Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, Uhm Ki Jun, Seo Hyo Rim and others appearing in the drama were to have a talk session, and to showcase the soundtrack, participants included JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Big Mama’s Lee Young Hyun, JK Kim Dong Wook and others were scheduled to perform.

The production team said, “The organizers of the concert had announced the cancellation via the ticketing website on 30 August, and those who had already got their tickets during the presale which had ended, will be contacted individually.” And also “Despite preparing the event with good ambitions, but we’re sorry that it ended in a failure.”

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110829 Park Yoochun Wins SDA Popularity Award – Heavy Burden On Shoulders

Winner of the Netizen’s Popularity Award for the Seoul Drama Awards 2011, JYJ Member Park Yoochun said,  “I’m thankful, but there’s a heavy burden on my shoulders” expressing his gratitude in his greeting.

On the early afternoon of 29 August, Park Yoochun attended the Seoul Drama Awards 2011 press conference at the 20th Floor of the Seoul News Center, at the International Meeting Hall.  He will be receiving the netizen’s popularity award on 31 August during the Seoul Drama Awards  2011 ceremony, held in the KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul.

On his winning of the netizen’s popularity award, Park Yoochun said, “Firstly, for me, who is still lacking, I’m really thankful for such a big award. As these votes came from all over Asia, the meaningfulness, as well as burden on my shoulders become greater. I think that the artists and staff working hard together to produce good works is a way of repaying the fans.”

Following that, he said “This is not just a global promotion of cultural content, but the reason why these people show love for hallyu, and working hard to understand those countries’ culture, these are also ways of repaying (their love.)” he supplemented.

Park Yoochun, who put up a great performance in last year’s KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal, won by a landslide in the Korean actors category of the online popularity poll which was held between 18 July to 16 August, for a period of approximately one month.

To this, Park Yoochun said, “I just started out as an actor, so I still have a lot of greed. To do the tasks that I am given well, to work hard on my activities, and to be able to make a small contribution to the hallyu culture gives me a great sense of pride.”

On his secret to overseas popularity, he said. “I’m not exactly sure why there is so much love from overseas fans. More so than others, language is a big issue. I faced many problems with language in the 5 years of doing activities in Japan, and now there are even more language barriers to cross. Although I can’t express myself in various countries’ languages, I still hope that they can see my effort,” he said, evaluating himself.

Also, when asked about a strong rival, Park Yoochun picked fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, who is now appearing in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Protect the boss.” Park Yoochun said, “I’m going to the shooting location tomorrow. Although we have a good relationship, I’m cautious of him” he said jokingly.

This year, is the 6th year it’s been held, the Seoul Drama Awards 2011 will be jointly organized by the Seoul Drama Awards committee and the Korean Broadcasting corporation, and is an annual affair. The comittee led by(Director) Im Kwon Taek includes professionals from dramas and movies all over the world, judging short films, series and long films, evaluating 39 works. The Seoul Drama Awards will be held in the Seoul Yeouido KBS Hall on 31 August, and will be aired on SBS.

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110829 JYJ To Perform In Closing Ceremony For World Championships In Daegu

JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu will be standing on stage for the closing ceremony of the World Championships.

Following their recent appointment as the Asia-Pacific Goodwill ambassadors for the UNAIDS (United Nations Aids Collaborative Project), they will be performing at the closing ceremony for the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, Korea.

On 26 August, in Busan’s BEXCO, the 10th Asia Pacific AIDS Conference (ICAAP10) was held, and they were appointed as the Goodwill Ambassadors for the AIDS division under the United Nations umbrella, UNAIDS in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the first Koreans to be appointed as goodwill ambassadors, JYJ underwent an official appointment ceremony and did a celebratory performance, communicating the message that they would work hard to improve the prevention and understanding of AIDS.

On 4 September, JYJ will be standing on the stage of the closing ceremony of the World Championships in Daegu Stadium, appearing once again as representative Korean singers.

A representative from C-JeS entertainment said, “As a continuation of the power from JYJ’s worldwide showcases and concerts, love calls for JYJ to appear in such international events have been endless.”

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110829 Kim Jaejoong Says, “I Would Like To End Up In A Love Line With Someone In The Drama”

Kim Jaejoong expressed his disappointment of his character’s love lines in his new drama.

Currently appearing in SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, Kim Jaejoong received cheers and complaints from his fans when he shared a kiss scene with Wang Ji Hae’s character Seo Na Yoon in his car.

To this, Kim Jaejoong honestly confessed, “I kissed Wang Ji Hae even before I got to the ‘hand holding’ stage with her. I was so surprised at the heated reaction that fans had for the kiss scene,” and “I would like for Mu Won to end up in a love line with Eun Seol or Na Yoon in the end.

Having received passing marks for his domestic drama debut, Kim Jaejoong looked determined as he said, “I will continue to work hard to create a Cha Mu Won who is what the viewers and what I want him to be.”

Meanwhile, ‘Protect the Boss’ is receiving much love from its viewers and is currently on a roll.

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110827 Wang Ji Hae Says, “The Kiss Scene With Kim Jaejoong, I Was Scared That I’d Be Reviled For It”

Actress Wang Ji Hae, who has become the center of attention for sharing a surprise kiss scene with Hallyu star Kim Jaejoong smiled as she confessed that she was scared that she would be reviled for it by fans.

On the episode of SBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ that aired on the 18th, Wang Ji Hae shared a surprise kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong, who plays Cha Mu Won. The scene showed Cha Mu Won taking Seo Na Yoon by surprise in an intimate kiss. Though the scene itself was beautiful, Wang Ji Hae worried about the fact that she shared a kiss scene with Kim Jaejoong, a Hallyu star with many female fans.

Wang Ji Hae said, “Isn’t a woman’s jealousy such a scary thing? So honestly, I was scared that I’d be reviled when I was told that there was a kiss scene.

But she continued to say, “But I was surprised. I received lots of messages on Cyworld and most of them said, ‘It’s my man’s own business what he does at work so I’ll accept it.’ I think they let me off the hook because Na Yoon isn’t a bad character.”

Wang Ji Hae revealed, “Lots of people told me how envious they are of me,” and “I was scared, but the fans are so well-mannered.

Meanwhile, Wang Ji Hae has her viewers in bouts of laughter as she plays Seo Na Yoon, the seemingly perfect chaebol daughter who reluctantly concedes to the fact that she has been bested by a secretary No Eun Seol (Choi Kang Hee) in the eyes of Cha Ji Hun (Ji Sung) and Cha Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong).

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110826 JYJ “We Will Work Hard To Correct The Misconceptions Surrounding AIDS”

Popular trio JYJ have revealed that they will do their best to correct the misconceptions surrounding AIDS.

JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) attended te opening ceremony of the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP10) that was held in Busan on the 26th and received their ‘Regional Goodwill Ambassador’ appointment letters from Michel Sidibé, the Secretary General of UNAIDS.

Secretary General of UNAIDS says to JYJ, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you for acception”

Secretary General Michel Sidibé explained why JYJ were chosen as he said, “The infection rate of AIDS is high across the world. AIDS affects even children and teenagers and a victory will be impossible in this fight unless a movement for change begins in the younger generation,” and “This is why we have chosen JYJ to become regional goodwill ambassadors (as they are popular with children and teenagers in the region).”

He continued to say, “It is an honor to know that JYJ will put into action the work I’ve been planning,” and “JYJ will be working hard to provide correct information about HIV. They will not only be active in Korea and Asia, but the entire world.”

The Secretary General had expectations for JYJ that clearly exceeded that which is normally given to goodwill ambassadors. Sidibé stated, “I firmly believe that JYJ will be the forerunners in this new movement for change and work with us,” and “Thank you, thank you, and thank you for acception.

JYJ say, “We will work hard to correct the misconceptions surrounding AIDS”

The members of JYJ then expressed their thoughts about becoming goodwill ambassadors for the cause. Kim Junsu looked determined as he said, “Many people see AIDS as a disease that is fatal and dangerous if contracted, but it’s now being said that people can live long even if they have AIDS as long as they receive continuous treatment. As treatment that completely eradicates AIDS hasn’t been discovered yet, a continuous stream of attention and effort to prevent contraction is required. We will work hard to do so.

Park Yoochun added, “Many people have taken interest in JYJ in the Asia and Pacific region,” and “We will work hard to correct the misconceptions surrounding AIDS so people know what exactly it is and how to prevent it.”

The members of JYJ received a gift from Secretary General Sidibé that represents solidarity. Following this, JYJ took a photo with the Secretary General and Jo Myung Hwan, the head of the ICAAP10 committee. Shouts were heard when JYJ entered and excited the event hall from the 100 fans who gathered to see them. A representative of ICAAP10 stated, “I was so surprised when I heard a large noise at the event hall, but I later learned it was the fans.” JYJ also performed at the event’s welcome party that began at 5p.m..

Meanwhile, ICAAP10 is being held from the 26th till the 30th of August under the theme ‘Diverse Voices, United Actions’ and will look back on the progress made in prevention and treatment in the past 30 years to commemorate the 30th year since AIDS was first discovered as well as bring up future plans. 4,000 people from 70 countries will participate in ICAAP10 and this will be the first time that the congress is held in Korea.

Though the first lady, Kim Yoon Ok, was scheduled to attend the welcome party, she was unable to do so as she was visiting Kazakhstan with the president. The head of the ICAAP10 committee Jo Myung Hwan delivered the first lady’s congratulatory message instead. Nafis Sadik, Special Adviser to the UN Secretary General, delivered UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s message as well.

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110816 JYJ ‘We’ll Take On The Responsibility Of Being Goodwill Ambassadors For The AIDS Cause’

The commission ceremony for popular Hallyu group JYJ(Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu)’s appointment as goodwill ambassadors for the 10th ICAAP was held on the 16th of August at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul.

The executive office stated, “ICAAP10 is the biggest AIDS congress in the Asia-Pacific region and is the first international congress that will be held on the topic of AIDS in Korea.”

Jo Myung Hwan, the head of the ICAAP10 committee expressed the anticipation the committee have through appointing JYJ, the forerunners of the Hallyu Wave in Asia, as goodwill ambassadors that, “We will be able to expand the bond of sympathy within the region of Asia for the eradication and prevention of AIDS.”

Stating that this will help Korea make its mark in the global community as a country that leads Asia culturally and socially, as well as economically, the committee head asked for the interest and support of Korean citizens to create ‘a world in which we can all live together and overcome AIDS’.

The AIDS congress is the second biggest forum in the world that deals with HIV/AIDS. It is held once every two years and holds discussions on the scientific, strategic and spiritual development of global action against issues surrounding HIV/AIDS.

The 10th ICAAP will be held from the 26th of August till the 30th at Busan.

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony as he was completing his filming schedule for SBS’ ‘Protect the Boss’.

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