110805 Kim Jaejoong Makes a Safe Landing, Will JYJ Use Dramas For Their Survival?

‘Protect the Boss’ is showing its potential as a big hit and giving off the green light of popularity. Not only this, but Kim Jaejoong is receiving great reviews for his stable acting in the drama. Different from other idols who are cast as leading roles for a drama with no prior acting experience and end up ruining the drama with their lacking talent, Kim Jaejoong appears in his drama as a supporting role with not much screen time but with great dedication to his character, leading to an expected bout of great praise.

Within JYJ, Park Yoochun has already been praised for his stable acting as a leading role. Not only this, but the other member Kim Junsu has made his mark as a popular and great actor in the musical industry, which requires a great deal of acting. as well

As they were so popular as TVXQ, their activities were geared mostly in music. Even when they began the group JYJ, they showed great interest in continuing their singing careers. This was shown when they worked with the globally recognized musician Kanye West on their first album ‘The Beginning’. However, their musical activities weren’t able to go too far. Though their album sales were high and their fans were happy, they strangely made barely any appearances on TV.

And their promotional activities have continued to be blocked. To this, fans have been asking why JYJ have been able to appear in dramas but not in any variety programs. It was only a matter of time till fans began thinking in such a way as JYJ have had numerous appearance cancellations, far more than any other celebrity.

Setting aside the reason for this absence, JYJ have not been able to partake in broadcasted promotional activities and because of this, they have been focusing on other fields such as concerts and musicals. But as both Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong have successfully landed in the drama industry, it seems they’ve found a new doorway that leads to more broadcasted activities.

Their activities aren’t limited in the drama industry. For production companies, JYJ are welcome at all times as the mere appearance of the group creates a plethora of issues, puts the spotlight on the drama and secures good viewer ratings, no matter what. As the three major broadcasting companies usually use dramas in fights of pride, they will cast stars with great influence in their dramas and that is why some idols, who haven’t had their talents tested yet, have been cast as leading roles.

Considering these facts, it’s certain that Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun will be receiving a stream of love calls in the future as they have already had their acting talents tested and recognized.

Also, their appearances make sales to overseas countries much easier. Considering the fact that Korean dramas helped lead the second round of the Hallyu Wave, the power of Korean dramas hasn’t receded. But it’s true that it’s harder for Korean dramas to sell overseas these days. However, when JYJ appear in the drama, it’s a completely different story.

Though they say that the third bout of the Hallyu Wave is expanding through the music of idols, the system in which the public appeal from dramas turns into a strong fandom through musical activities, of which the greatest example is ‘Rain’, is still strong. Considering this fact, as JYJ already have many international fans from their activities as singers, JYJ’s dramas will sell easily overseas and this will come back to aid JYJ’s musical activities in a positive manner. They’ve made themselves a virtuous cycle.

Also, when they appear in a drama, they end up singing for the OST and they’ve shown their power of ‘killing it’ on music charts every time. Making an ‘all-kill’ on the charts with their OST songs, their dramas are once more put in the spotlight and are loved, leading to high sales for the OST album. This means that they help raise additional profit for their dramas.

As shown, production companies benefit greatly from casting JYJ’s members in their dramas and as there is no real reason to block JYJ’s activities, there is a high chance that JYJ will continue to be casted in dramas, though they may not be able to appear on variety programs to promote them.

No matter how many activities JYJ do to make up for their lack of broadcasted activities, celebrities need to have some form of TV promotion. By making a passageway to their broadcasted appearance through dramas, they’ve been able to experience the benefits of such activities, and as two members are now actively pursuing a career in the drama industry, the synergy is expected to grow.

Kim Jaejoong’s safe landing in the drama industry has opened another passageway for their activities which seemed to be quite stagnant in the eyes of the public. And because of this, when JYJ release an album and begin their promotional activities, the reception from the public will be quite explosive. If they are not able to appear on TV even then, the controversies will multiply.

By diversifying their activities, JYJ and their survival tactics are sure to succeed as they try to find any way to meet the public.

Source: [mediaus]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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