The well-mannered hands of male stars – JaeJoong and Ji Sung

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110804 ‘This Is Expected?’ Well-Mannered Hands Of Male Stars – Ji Sung And Kim Jaejoong

‘Well-mannered hands’ talk about the effort male stars make to not touch the bodies of their female counterparts as much as possible, even when they’re in close contact, in order to respect the female stars. They’ve been used mostly by male stars who act alongside actresses.

After the ‘well-mannered hands in subways’ controversy occurred, ‘Style M’ released a batch of photos for “‘This is expected?’ A collection of male stars and their well-mannered hands’. Choi Daniel, Kim Hee Chul, Lee Seung Gi, Jung Il Woo, Kim Myung Min and Song Chang Ui garnered great attention from many. Stars’ well-mannered hands have recently become an issue once more. Who could there be?

Recently, a post was made on an online community titled, ‘These are well-mannered hands! Kim Jong Guk’ and showed a photo of Kim Jong Guk with Jiyeon on his back. In the photo, Kim Jong Guk is seen with various versions of well-mannered hands, either having them holding Jiyeon up with his hands placed lightly on her legs or in front of his stomach with minimal contact.

Park Shi Hoo, who made a recent comeback as an actor with ‘The Princess’ Man’ took a photo with Park Shi Yeon, Nam Gyuri and Lee Sung Min at a party recently. The actor showcased well-mannered hands by not putting his hand on Lee Sung Min’s back as she was wearing an outfit that revealed the skin on her back.

Actor Lee Dong Wook had well-mannered hands when he didn’t come into physical contact with Kim Sun Ah as they held various poses at the press conference of ‘Scent of a Woman’. At the press conference of ‘Protect the Boss’, Ji Sung and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong awkwardly linked arms with Wang Ji Hae.

It isn’t only female stars that male stars are using well-mannered hands with. Project group ‘Homme’ garnered much attention when well-mannered hands were used within their group. 2AM’s Changmin was seen using well-mannered hands on Lee Hyun, making it look like his hands were touching his counterpart when they actually weren’t.

Source: [style m]
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