The hot topic of ‘Protect the Boss’: “Who will heal JaeJoong?

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110805 The Hot Topic Of ‘Protect The Boss’, Who Will Heal Kim Jaejoong?

“Who will heal Kim Jaejoong?”

One can surmise, even from a glance, that Cha Mu Won(Kim Jaejoong) is the bad guy. Though he hasn’t had much screen time yet and has shown off a wicked streak, his fans are focusing more on Cha Mu Won’s personal pains.

In the second episode of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’, which aired on the 4th of August, Cha Mu Won puts Cha Ji Hun in harm’s way. When he find out that his cousin suffers from a panic disorder, Cha Mu Won uses this fact and makes Cha Ji Hun make a speech at an event.

As planned, Cha Ji Hun begins to panic during his speech and flees from the stage. Many then commented, “And they call him the successor to our company?” while Cha Mu Won must have been feeling a sense of great accomplishment. Considering the fact that Cha Ji Hun’s symptoms at the same time as Seo Na Yoon(Wang Ji Hae)’s appearance, it seems as though there’s a secret between them that has yet to be uncovered.

Cha Mu Won and Seo Na Yoon have something up their sleeve. It’s quite obvious that Cha Mu Won wants to push Cha Ji Hun off his position as the successor and take over the company himself, without CEO Cha(Park Young Gyu) finding out that it was him. It was also Cha Mu Won who appointed No Eun Seol(Choi Kang Hee) as Cha Ji Hun’s secretary as a part of his plan.

Regardless, fans began bringing up the question, “Who will heal the scars of Cha Mu Won?” in the viewers’ thread of the drama’s official homepage. Actually, this question has dominated most of the homepage as many believe there is a hidden pain behind the malice.

Is Kim Jaejoong an acting genius for being able to relay so many hidden messages compared to the amount of screen time he’s had? Or is this just the affectionate worry from fans as JYJ face many difficult obstacles?

Considering the fact that Park Yoochun was flooded with support during MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Miss Ripley’, the latter is more plausible. If the production company even took into consideration, ‘Should we give this pained actor an opportunity to express that pain?’ then their decision to cast him as the role of Cha Mu Won was 120% on target.

Meanwhile, some netizens have brought up the opinion, “Can you adjust Kim Jaejoong’s skin tone?”

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