JaeJoong receives passing marks for his first acting challenge

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110804 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Receives Passing Marks For His First Acting Challenge, ’2011 Is Mine’

‘Protect the Boss’, Kim Jaejoong’s domestic drama debut, began airing on the 3rd.

Starting off well with 14.5%(Nielson, Seoul) viewer ratings for the first episode, ‘Protect the Boss’ became the most searched term right after the episode finished airing and succeeded in becoming a hot topic. In the drama’s viewers’ thread and various portal sites, a continuous string of great reviews came from the netizens who said, ‘I didn’t know that time was passing’, ‘It was so funny that I had tears in my eyes’, ‘This is going to be another awesome production’. But this successful beginning was expected for the drama.

Watching the preview video that was shown during the press conference, the shoulders of reporters who were on the scene began shaking with laughter and many of them were heard saying ‘The drama is better than expected,’ and ‘It’s going to be a big hit,’ as they left. And as expected, ‘Protect the Boss’ caught two rabbits at once with its first episode, great viewer ratings and matching reviews.

Kim Jaejoong, who is taking on his first challenge in the domestic drama industry, is also receiving a great response. He showcased stable acting that was surprising for someone who was making his debut as an actor as he played out his role of ‘Cha Mu Won’, who is gentle and perfect compared to ‘Cha Ji Hun(Ji Sung)’ and his ridiculous character.

Considering the fact that this will be the first time we properly see Kim Jaejoong’s face on TV since his lawsuit with his former agency began, and the fact that he’s the last member of JYJ to begin his individual activities, the attention garnered at Kim Jaejoong was more heated than ever.

Breaking records for rice donations, the 6.56 tons of rice wreathes that were presented in Kim Jaejoong’s name from 28 countries even surprised the representatives of the drama as they filled the entrance of the press conference hall. The fact that the drama’s official Twitter account was flooded by supportive messages from fans all over the world before the drama began airing proved the popularity of this man, who is called ‘the prince of Asia’.

To not let the anticipation of his fans fall flat, it has been heard that Kim Jaejoong has been preparing for his acting debut for a long time. Thankfully, he’s received praise from his senior actors such as Cha Hwa Yeon and has also received passing marks from his viewers.

Also, Kim Jaejoong was seen promoting his new drama and JYJ with honesty and sincerity during his interviews with 24 media companies. At the press conference, he took care of the reporters who were present and approached them first with a bright smile, making people forget for a moment just how big of a star he is.

Kim Jaejoong, who is about to hit it big as an actor as he already has as a singer, is still hungry for more. This is because it’s only been the first episode, which means he has so much more room left to grow. Also, it isn’t only activities in the acting industry that are left for him, a string of activities as a singer awaits him as well. It has been found that a Korean JYJ album and worldwide tour are coming soon.

Kim Jaejoong himself has always said in his interviews, “Right now, my head is filled with thoughts about our drama. But I always have the wanting to sing at the back of my mind. The stage is the place I will always go back to, and it’s the place I treasure the most.” His talents as an artiste shine through as he composes, writes lyrics and even directs performance.

With his drama starting off to a great start with two digit viewer ratings and his activities as a singer coming up, Kim Jaejoong’s 2011 is busier and more fulfilling than ever. His fans and the public watch over him with a smile on their faces, waiting to see where he’s heading.

Source: [top star news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

  1. OT5 says:

    I am watching over him with a smile on my face, waiting to see where he’s heading.

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