Junsu’s first acting getting favorable reviews

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Xiah Junsu
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Kim Junsu’s first acting getting favorable reviews…Although it’s his first try at acting he gave off his joyful, comic nature~

Kim Junsu’s first acting is a hot issue.

JYJ Kim junsu made a special appearance in ‘Scent of Woman’, which was aired on the 6th, as a popular singer ‘Junsu’ who Kim Sunah admires. Although it was the first try at acting for Kim Junsu, it is said that he fully gave off his comic nature.

The viewers who watched his acting is showing positive responses, saying “I thought he was just good at singing, but I was surprised that he can act well too.”

Above all, the part that drew most interest was that he acted a character that is similar to the real Kim Junsu.

The filming which was held in a university in Gyeonggi-do last 28th was a magnificent sight with about 500 fans, just like a real concert. A realistic concert scene was set up to film a scene where Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijun comes to see Kim Junsu’s concert.

Days before the actual filming day, ‘Scent of Woman’ production team recruited fans through a site. They opened the site at 9 am to recruit 500 fans, however, the production team couldn’t contain their amazement that over 5000 fans signed up in only 3 minutes.

Thanks to the fans’ full support, a perfect concert scene was made on the filming day. Kim Junsu sang ‘I Can Soar’ from his worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Intoxication’ from his Japanese single at the filming. It is said that he heated up the place with his explosive stage charisma. Not even fans, but also actors including Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijun could have an enjoyable time.

Especially, Kim Junsu gave a full, sweet fanservice by preparing a special event for Yeonjae(Kim Sunah), who turned out to be a terminally ill patient. Kim Junsu’s fans prepared banners with so much love for Kim Junsu, that special props for the filming was not even needed. The fans were in good order, making the filming easy, even though the the waiting time was almost half the day due to the bad weather.


The production team said, “Although it was the first try at acting for Kim Junsu, he was the most appropriate person to play ‘top star Junsu'” added, “With his fantastic stage manners and passion, he was truely the best singer in Asia. The actors and staffs all had a great time, like enjoying a concert.”


Source: Newshanku
Translation credits: @alles2012

  1. Jeannie says:

    Woooooow Junsu Oppa Hwaiting ^^ This makes me really happy to hear.

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