Why did C-JeS decline an appearance on a ‘JYJ Special Program’?

Posted: August 7, 2011 in JYJ
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110801 Why Did C-JeS Decline An Appearance On A ‘JYJ Special Program’?

‘Lee Giho’s Police Cop’ of the internet broadcasting program Radio21, which became a hot topic for giving birth to the new word ‘SoTamJaeShil(To desire Girls’ Generation and lose JYJ in the process)’, has been receiving great support from its listeners.

Last weekend, Enterpost met with a representative of the program to listen to the interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Apparently, the special program was not on the schedule; it was made and added to the schedule in a rush when Reporter Lee Giho, who has been keeping an eye on the JYJ issue, proposed its creation after coming to the conclusion that ‘Unjust forces have been applied on this issue’ when KBS suddenly cancelled JYJ’s appearance on the ‘Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination commemoration program’.

As if it were taking its aim at KBS’s special program, the radio show took place for two hours from 4pm. It was scheduled so for strategic purposes, pacifying the anger of JYJ’s fans, who would have otherwise had to watch as girl groups with hot pants stood on the stage that their singers deserved to stand on.

There were some interesting behind-the-scenes stories regarding the casting of the participants. The first guest the program’s representatives attempted to reach was of course, ‘a JYJ representative’. This is because they were the victims most affected by KBS’ ‘brutality’.

When the program’s representative contacted C-JeS Entertainment, which acts as JYJ’s management agency, C-JeS expressed that it didn’t wish to appear on the program. They explained that though they agreed with the object of the program, there was a chance that their appearance on the program to reveal their stance may become an emotional battle. C-JeS turned down the offer and said, “We are cautious about appearing on the program as our actions may be interpreted as a ‘counterattack’. If we were to take action in such a way, what would make us so different from them(It’s easy for anyone to guess who ‘them’ are^^-editor)?”

And their final words moved the program’s representative greatly. “Though JYJ were not able to appear on KBS’ special program, they are still honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination. JYJ will continue to work hard to promote Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination.”

Though a guest appearance by a representative of C-JeS didn’t occur, Radio21 was able to see their sincerity and instead met with Department Head Lee Jae Eun from Prain, the PR company of JYJ.

But even Lee Jae Eun confessed that she was experiencing a great amount of pressure from her appearance on the program. Though it was an interview that was conducted over the phone, the fact that the conversation was broadcasted live must have been pressure beyond one’s imagination. However, regardless of this pressure, Lee Jae Eun decided to appear on the program with the responsibility to correctly state the facts and process beneath the surface of the the issue for the listeners. She revealed many facts about the issue that had not been known before.

Though she was extremely busy, having stayed up the night before to monitor the last episode of Park Yoochun’s drama ‘Miss Ripley’ and to put the finishing touches on her work, Department Head Lee did her best to present the needed information and facts in a concise way.

The end product was a program that uncovered the hidden stories of a raging controversy that received an explosive response from netizens and fans alike. The public, not only fans of JYJ, was able to know the correct information behind the current issue that surrounds JYJ.

Meanwhile, C-JeS Entertainment has already reported KBS Jeju to the Fair Trade Commission for JYJ’s performance cancellation. But regardless of the outcome, KBS’ rash decision has lost the broadcasting company its moral image and trust. Will KBS ever be able to salvage its demolished image?

Source: [enterpost]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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