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110802 Kim Jaejoong’s Perfect Suit Fashion Pulls At The Heartstrings Of Women

Kim Jaejoong’s suit fashion has become a hot topic.

On the 1st, a photo of Kim Jaejoong wearing a clean-cut suit was posted on the homepage of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’.

Kim Jaejoong plays the role of Department Head Cha Mu Won of DN Group’s second business strategy team and showed off his perfect suit fashion with a necktie to finish off the look. He has been garnering much attention and popularity though the drama hasn’t started yet, being called ‘Cha Bon’, the shortened version of ‘Department Head Cha’.

In the posted photo, Kim Jaejoong shows off his charismatic charm in a black suit with black hair. Kim Jaejoong’s sincere gaze as he got into his character grabbed the attention of many.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “I want to work under Cha Bon”, “He’s the king of suits”, and “I can’t wait for ‘Protect the Boss’.”

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110801 Why Did C-JeS Decline An Appearance On A ‘JYJ Special Program’?

‘Lee Giho’s Police Cop’ of the internet broadcasting program Radio21, which became a hot topic for giving birth to the new word ‘SoTamJaeShil(To desire Girls’ Generation and lose JYJ in the process)’, has been receiving great support from its listeners.

Last weekend, Enterpost met with a representative of the program to listen to the interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Apparently, the special program was not on the schedule; it was made and added to the schedule in a rush when Reporter Lee Giho, who has been keeping an eye on the JYJ issue, proposed its creation after coming to the conclusion that ‘Unjust forces have been applied on this issue’ when KBS suddenly cancelled JYJ’s appearance on the ‘Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination commemoration program’.

As if it were taking its aim at KBS’s special program, the radio show took place for two hours from 4pm. It was scheduled so for strategic purposes, pacifying the anger of JYJ’s fans, who would have otherwise had to watch as girl groups with hot pants stood on the stage that their singers deserved to stand on.

There were some interesting behind-the-scenes stories regarding the casting of the participants. The first guest the program’s representatives attempted to reach was of course, ‘a JYJ representative’. This is because they were the victims most affected by KBS’ ‘brutality’.

When the program’s representative contacted C-JeS Entertainment, which acts as JYJ’s management agency, C-JeS expressed that it didn’t wish to appear on the program. They explained that though they agreed with the object of the program, there was a chance that their appearance on the program to reveal their stance may become an emotional battle. C-JeS turned down the offer and said, “We are cautious about appearing on the program as our actions may be interpreted as a ‘counterattack’. If we were to take action in such a way, what would make us so different from them(It’s easy for anyone to guess who ‘them’ are^^-editor)?”

And their final words moved the program’s representative greatly. “Though JYJ were not able to appear on KBS’ special program, they are still honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination. JYJ will continue to work hard to promote Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination.”

Though a guest appearance by a representative of C-JeS didn’t occur, Radio21 was able to see their sincerity and instead met with Department Head Lee Jae Eun from Prain, the PR company of JYJ.

But even Lee Jae Eun confessed that she was experiencing a great amount of pressure from her appearance on the program. Though it was an interview that was conducted over the phone, the fact that the conversation was broadcasted live must have been pressure beyond one’s imagination. However, regardless of this pressure, Lee Jae Eun decided to appear on the program with the responsibility to correctly state the facts and process beneath the surface of the the issue for the listeners. She revealed many facts about the issue that had not been known before.

Though she was extremely busy, having stayed up the night before to monitor the last episode of Park Yoochun’s drama ‘Miss Ripley’ and to put the finishing touches on her work, Department Head Lee did her best to present the needed information and facts in a concise way.

The end product was a program that uncovered the hidden stories of a raging controversy that received an explosive response from netizens and fans alike. The public, not only fans of JYJ, was able to know the correct information behind the current issue that surrounds JYJ.

Meanwhile, C-JeS Entertainment has already reported KBS Jeju to the Fair Trade Commission for JYJ’s performance cancellation. But regardless of the outcome, KBS’ rash decision has lost the broadcasting company its moral image and trust. Will KBS ever be able to salvage its demolished image?

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110801 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Makes His Domestic Drama Debut, “I’m Happy”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong(25) is making his domestic drama debut through SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. He will be taking on the role of ‘Department Head Cha Mu Won’ in the drama which will begin airing on the 3rd of August as the follow-up drama to ‘City Hunter’. Though he has already acted in last year’s FujiTV drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’, this will be Kim Jaejoong’s first time to act in a Korean drama. He was bright yet sincere throughout the interview as he said, “I was able to appear in the drama because I met a great script just when JYJ’s World Tour was ending.”

◇Ji Sung hyung, Choi Kang Hee noona, Senior Park Young Gyu… Surrounded by angels

Though Kim Jaejoong debuted as a member of TVXQ in 2004 with great charisma, acting in a drama is still unfamiliar to him. He smiled brightly as he said, “Everyone around me is an angel from Senior Park Young Gyu to Ji Sung hyung, Choi Kang Hee noona, the filming and lights directors, and even the FD. Watching them work hard to produce great chemistry in the drama left a deep impression in me and I’m satisfied because the atmosphere on location is so great.”

Kim Jaejoong smiled as he recollected that in his first meeting with the ’4th Dimensional actress’ Choi Kang Hee, the actress said, “I heard from the music video director that you’re an unusual person. Are you 4th dimensional?” Fellow JYJ member Park Yoochun, who recently completed his role in MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’, even left a text message with Choi Kang Hee during her radio show that read, “Now that I’m done filming, I’ll buy chicken for everyone in Protect the Boss.” Choi Kang Hee takes care of every last detail for Kim Jaejoong when they are filming and on their days off, she sends him text messages about the atmosphere on location.

Saying that acting becomes more charming as time goes by, Kim Jaejoong confessed, “Since I’m trying something new, it’s hard because I’ve got a new task ahead of me in a new environment, but it’s fun. Because we kept going and going without stopping back in my days as TVXQ, I feel like that period of time was more tiring than right now.” Though he has shown much extravagance on stage, as an actor, he  plans to first show who Kim Jaejoong is as a person. “Though I’m not cool or ambitious like Cha Mu Won, we’re similar in the fact that we’re both sociable people.”

These days, when muscular bodies are the ‘rage’, he’s holding back on working out. “I haven’t been doing any weight training because Cha Mu Won has a calm character that I must express, even to the smallest of movements, and I felt that having big and bulky muscles wouldn’t fit the character at all.

◇Idol groups these days. “Amazing”

How does Kim Jaejoong, who helped kick off the ‘idol boom’, view the idol groups of today? He smiled and said, “They’re all pretty, cool and they sing really well,” and “Though JYJ may lack in stamina, I think we’re still better in terms of our singing abilities.” Idol groups like B2ST, A Pink and Boyfriend go to the same beauty shop. He continued to say, “I’m cautious around them because of the age gap since they’re 7 to 8 years younger than I am. They still greet me with a 90 degrees bow and I politely give them one back,” and “I get confused with the names and members of idol groups these days. I now understand the adults who said, ‘I don’t know who’s who,’ when I debuted as TVXQ.” Showing his surprise at those who take part in the abundance of audition programs these days, he said, “If I went on stage, I’d be eliminated in 10 seconds. There are so many cameras but they show off their talents without trembling.”

◇Happy to be taking on a new challenge with the members of JYJ

Kim Jaejoong experienced the pain of receiving a unilateral notification of cancellation from KBS after JYJ were scheduled to appear in KBS’s special program as honorary ambassadors of Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination. Showing composure, Kim Jaejoong said, “Because Jeju is such a beautiful place and something Korea’s proud of, I want to promote Jeju by myself, setting aside the fact that I’m an honorary ambassador.” Though he’s experienced big and small pains from leaving TVXQ, he has been overcoming it all because of his members, who are like brothers to him. Though it’s been 8 years since his debut, Kim Jaejoong showed modesty as he said that he feels he’s only at 5am if one looks at his career in a 24 hour view. For his reason, he said, “Though there are many things that I know, I’ve started a new beginning and there’s hope for us.” That is why he’s happy.

As a Hallyu star should expect, fans flock to his drama’s filming location and flood his Twitter account with mentions from countries such as Japan, Thailand, China, the UK, France and Spain. He said, “It would be nice if I could finish the drama with no mishaps and have JYJ and myself experience many great things in the future.”

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110801 “Please Take Care Of Kim Jaejoong” Chinese Fans Buy Lunch For 100 Staff Members

Chinese fans have taken charge to help out JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong.

On the 30th, the members from Kim Jaejoong’s Chinese fanclub came on location in Paju, Gyeonggido and provided the staff with 100 servings of food that cost 4 million Won to support their star.

Including a vegetable salad and luxury sandwiches, the lunchboxes had ‘got with you, never stop’ written on them, showing the fans’ affection for Kim Jaejoong.

Wang Ruo Ran, who is in charge of the fanclub, gave out the lunchboxes to the members of the staff and said, “Please take care of Jaejoong.” To this, the staff didn’t forget to say, “Thank you. We’ll enjoy it.

A representative of the production company showed his gratitude and said, “We were so surprised when many international fans came to our Lotte World filming location and when they gave us their lunchboxes and sincerity in Paju, we realized that Jaejoong’s popularity truly is amazing.”

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110801 Stars, Loved For Their Good Manners vs Crying From Controversies Over Their Rude Behavior

It isn’t only good looks and great talent that the public want from their stars. A good character is what the public deems most important for a star to have. Good manners are key to raising one’s popularity and likability. On the 26th of July, Yoo Jae Seok showed his great character when he helped a grandmother with her stroller in the middle of a TV program’s challenge. On the other hand, KARA’s Goo Hara(20) became a target of criticism when she called out the names of her seniors without the appropriate titles. There have been other instances in which the words and actions of celebrities were interpreted as disrespectful to their fellow celebrities.

◆Famous for being well-mannered
Yoo Jae Seok and Leessang’s Gary(33) helped an elderly woman go down a steep slope during the episode of ‘Running Man’ that aired on the 26th. The celebrity garnered much attention when he walked up to the grandmother without faltering in order to help move her stroller with her grandson in it. In front of the steep slope, he kept saying, “I’ll help you to the bottom of the slope,” while holding on to the stroller and showed his worry for her as he said, “There are more slopes down there, till where do you need to go?” Yoo Jae Seok showed his shining thoughtfulness by helping out an elderly woman and her grandson at a steep slope.

Jang Dong Gun(39) was praised by Lim Ha Ryong(59, actor) in April as he said, “He is more well-mannered than most actors.” Lim Ha Ryong appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘On A Roll’ and said, “My rival is Jang Dong Gun,” and “Not only is he good at acting, but he’s well-mannered, even with such good looks.” He continued to say, “Though he’s atop star, he’s still so modest and I think he’s quite amazing.” In 2009, Jang Dong Gun appeared in a radio program and said, “What is most important in relationships between people is manners and etiquette.”

Kim Sae Rom highly praised Jo In Seong’s polite manner and chose him as the greatest actor she’s met in her reporting career. Kim Sae Rom appeared on QTV’s ‘Girl who chooses ranks’ and said, “I was moved by Jo In Seong’s polite manner during his interview. I saw him greeting every screenwriter, director and reporter present with a 90 degrees bow.”

Kim Jung Tae(39) of MBC’s ‘Miss Ripley’ praised actor and singer Park Yoochun(25). On his personal Twitter account, Kim Jung Tae stated, “Park Yoochun is very polite. Anyone can see his willingness to learn and hard work.” Park Yoochun’s brother Park Yoohwan(20), who is currently acting in MBC’s ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’, also talked about his brother’s good manners. He revealed, “I didn’t have much of a social life during my 10 years in America, so I learned my manners from my brother.”

◆ Free spirited or rude behavior?
KARA’s Goo Hara was swept up in controversy when she talked down to her seniors during the episode of ‘Running Man’ that aired on the 26th. She called MC Yoo Jae Seok ‘Mr. Yoo’ and actress Song Ji Hyo(30) ‘Ji Hyo’ and received much criticism for it. The scene in which Goo Hara said, “Our Ji Hyo has changed,” to provoke Song Ji Hyo had viewers frowning in discomfort. On the 27th, Goo Hara apologized on her personal Twitter account and said, “I’ve done wrong. I was only thinking about making the show fun and I made a mistake,” and “I’ll be more careful in the future and I will always work hard.”

Actress Seo Woo(26) was called a ‘rude star’ by netizens when she had side conversations while her coworkers were sharing stories on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together’. While Moon Geun Young was answering a question posed by one of the MCs, Seo Woo had a whispered conversation with 2PM’s Taecyeon and burst out into unnecessary laughter. While listening to Chun Jung Myung’s stories of his military service days, Seo Woo pointed out, “He always talks about his military service.” To this, Park Myung Soo indirectly criticized the actress’ behavior when he said, “You’re a mean one.”

Many actors were called out for watching the celebratory performances of singers with no expression on their faces during an awards ceremony at the end of 2010. While Girls’ Generation performed their hits ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot’, actors including Choi Daniel, Wonbin, Jeon Do Yeon and Kang Soo Yeon were seen watching the performance with an uninterested expression. To this, several singers such as SG Wannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon, The Name and Psy criticized these actors and called them out of line and rude. On his personal Twitter account, Lee Seok Hoon stated, “Is it so hard to clap and smile? They’re going too far,” while The Name said, “I can’t set aside this uncomfortable feeling as a viewer. They’ve come to celebrate your appearance and but you sit there with no expression.”

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