KBS’ explanation, why can’t they just say it was because of SM!

Posted: August 4, 2011 in JYJ
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110729 KBS’ Explanation, Why Can’t They Just Say It Was Because Of SM!

KBS released an explanation on the 28th regarding JYJ’s Jeju performance cancellation that has been called a national disgrace. It’s called an ‘explanation’, but it’s really nothing but a pathetic excuse that makes one’s face blush in embarrassment. If this was the kind of excuse that they were planning to release, then they really didn’t need to wait a whole week to release it. If they were going to repeat a unilateral statement that doesn’t give a proper answer to the question at hand, then they didn’t really have to release an official explanation at all.

Especially, the fact that they keep emphasizing, “JYJ’s appearance was cancelled based on a judgment by the production crew,” makes the suspicion grow that it wasn’t the production crew’s judgment at all. They say that they’ve emphasized the fact that, “The decision to allow people to appear on shows is solely up to the respective PD of that program and the decision is made based on which people will be more effective for the completion of the program,” but this seems to be nothing but cliché words that make up a lame excuse. It will be hard to find someone who will agree with a statement that merely beats around the bush.

Even if they do repeat a statement over and over again, the least they could have done is touch upon the issue that JYJ’s representatives brought up. The most important issue between the JYJ and KBS Jeju controversy is the part, “The broadcasting of the program may be impossible if JYJ appear.” This seems to contradict the statement made that it is the respective PD’s right to make the decisions. This is why many of JYJ’s representatives and fans believe that SM’s influence affected the outcome.

There is a crucial element that makes KBS’ explanation lose its persuasive power. The decision to have Girls’ Generation’s appear does not explain why JYJ were pulled out. As the decision that Girls’ Generation would be more effective than JYJ is one that is subjective to the PD and therefore can be accepted, Girls’ Generation weren’t the only singers to perform on stage, only proving the existence of external pressure from SM as there was no need to remove JYJ from the program because Girls’ Generation were appearing. The whole explanation by KBS is nothing but a lame excuse that replaces the simple statement that is was SM’s doing.

Also, if someone had to be removed from the list because of time restrictions, there must have been a team of real low awareness that could have been taken out instead of JYJ. Even if KBS were put in a situation of having to choose, it was illogical for them to remove the honorary ambassadors. KBS still haven’t answered the question as it to why it had to be JYJ; as they say, silence is a confirmation.

For Girls’ Generation who stood on stage and for JYJ who couldn’t stand on stage, it was an awkward performance. Though it was a grand performance that was prepared on the fields of Jeju, it was found that the atmosphere on location was chilly. It wasn’t a stage that Girls’ Generation, though forerunners of the new Hallyu Wave they may be, was supposed to stand on as replacements. The Jeju performance, which was supposed to promote the nomination of Jeju as one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, has been left as nothing but a controversy. JYJ’s representatives have revealed that they have already reported KBS Jeju to the Fair Trade Commission, meaning that the event that was supposed to be a memorable celebration became nothing but a ruined affair.

As a result of the cue sheet that was suddenly changed four days before the concert, KBS Jeju succeeded in ensuring that their program would be broadcasted, but the atmosphere in the crowd was so chilly that it was embarrassing to catch on camera. Even though Girls’ Generation’s popularity shoots to the sky, it isn’t easy to amass a large number of fans with a sudden schedule change, especially due to the geographic location of the island. Also, the attitude and actions of the broadcasting company dropped the anticipation of the performance drastically.

Whether it was because of SM’s external pressure, or whether it was because of the production PD’s individual decision, all that matters is that the event did not live up to what it had strived to do. Though these unreasonable actions may work in the backyard of the entertainment industry, they aren’t enough to convince the public. This is the reason why the voice of criticism isn’t coming just from fans of JYJ. If KBS or SM believe that the movement against them in this issue is merely that of a fandom, then they are sorely mistaken. Before KBS explains for makes excuses, they must understand the popular sentiment that lies behind the JYJ issue.

Source: [Mediaus]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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