The reason why JaeJoong doesn’t sing TVXQ songs

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110722 Kim Jaejoong, The Reason Why He Doesn’t Sing TVXQ Songs

With the birth of the concept ‘idol’, countless idols have come and gone. Amongst them are those who wish to escape the title of an idol and those who wish to embrace it for what it is. If the efforts of those who wish to escape is too much, these people are rejected by the public and fade out but those who embrace it and settle in are ignored by the public and labeled ‘too boring’. It isn’t easy to choose a wise road that lies between these two extremes.

Kim Jaejoong, who has the good looks and wit of an idol and the musical talent of an artiste, views himself as an idol in a cool and objective point of view. He has traded in the restrictions of a ‘trained’ idol for freedom and a growing faith in himself.

Kim Jaejoong confessed, “I thought that I had a unique image as an idol that wasn’t normal at all. I thought that I was the kind of idol who was really hated by the people who hated him and really liked by the people who liked him and I didn’t want to change a thing about myself,” and “I was scared that the people who liked me would start disliking me. For example, there are international fans who cosplay and that it a fun hobby and joy for them. But the moment I change something about myself, that could break.”

But he has gone through numerous changes and progressions to take on a variety of fields aside from singing such as composing, directing and now, acting. Kim Jaejoong said, “I was scared to change that aspect about myself at first so I took it slow, but the people who liked me continued to like me. I was so grateful.”

Recently, a controversy arose over the unauthorized remake of TVXQ’s ‘Wasurenaide’, composed by Kim Jaejoong, by Chinese singer Zhuo Qi Bao. The singer’s remake was done without any consultation with Kim Jaejoong’s side and was met with a flood of complaints from his fans. In an official statement, Zhuo Qi Bao stated, “I know that there are any happenings and memories within this song, and I too like Kim Jaejoong’s talents and songs” and “I am reflecting deeply on my actions and I will resolve the situation through negotiations with Kim Jaejoong himself.”

Following this, Kim Jaejoong tweeted in Japanese, “‘Wasurenaide’ is not my song or anyone else’s. It is the song of TVXQ as five. So I don’t want to sing it alone or as a trio.”

In the interview, Kim Jaejoong stated, “It’s an occurrence that happens regularly in China so I have no plans on taking much action against him,” and “But I hope that he won’t sing the song. Putting aside the fact that it’s a song that I wrote, the song is one that belongs to the five members of TVXQ, so I don’t want to sing it alone or as a trio.”

He continued to explain, “It would be putting scars on the memories of the fans who liked, and still like TVXQ. The fragrance and memories of the song are what fans consider the most beautiful times, but if someone sings that song without permission, that will put scars on our fans.”

When we cautiously asked, “So you have no plans to sing songs from your days as TVXQ in the future?” Kim Jaejoong silently nodded and said, “As much as possible…”

Through his Twitter account, Kim Jaejoong communicates with his fans and voices his thoughts. At times, he voices his opinions clearly with words so stern that he seems outspoken. This means that misunderstandings and hostility can easily arise, but he didn’t seem to bothered by that fact.

He said, “I say what I need to say. Even though I may be met with a bad reaction, I don’t believe that what I’m doing is wrong. I don’t only write my own personal opinions. There are many tweets that I’ve written with thought, ‘What would other people think about this…’” This can be seen as Kim Jaejoong saying that he confidently reveals his personal opinion once he has taken into consideration the most objective viewpoint in a situation, much like how he views himself as an idol in the same way.

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