Radio21 Part 1: ‘SoTamJaeShil’ – to desire Girls’ Generation and lose JYJ in the process

Posted: August 2, 2011 in JYJ
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110721 [Radio21 Part 1] ‘SoTamJaeShil’ – To Desire Girls’ Generation And Lose JYJ In The Process

With controversy surrounding the popular group JYJ, who were scheduled to appear on KBS’ special program to commemorate Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination but were then given a cancellation notification, Radio21′s ‘Lee Gi Ho’s Police Cop’ garnered attention for conducting an in-depth analysis on the issue.

Beginning with an interview with Reporter Kim Beom Tae, who has been reporting on JYJ’s situation since the beginning, Reporter Kim stated, “JYJ have been taking an active approach in promoting Jeju by singing a logo song and producing videos to encourage their fans to vote for Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination,” and “These videos recorded millions of views in less than a day since they were posted on blogs and Twitter.”

He also said, “Jeju Island has needed votes from foreigners from the beginning because it has had low international awareness compared to its competition,” and “JYJ’s promotional activities made domestic and overseas awareness of Jeju Island shoot up dramatically and with JYJ’s encouragement, their domestic and overseas fans gave Jeju their votes.”

Reporter Kim commented that, “The fans have been voicing their complaints that JYJ’s popularity was used to get votes for the island’s nomination, only to cancel the group’s performance,” and introduced the boycotts against KBS that the fans began. He also left criticism for KBS as he stated, “In one moment, the entire broadcasting system of Korea, not only KBS, has become an international laughing-stock.”

Regarding KBS Jeju’s explanation that, “Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s appearance will be more effective,” Reporter Kim stated, “It’s true that the broadcasting company and staff have the right to make the decision on who appears on their programs,” and “But there is a limit to what can be accepted. Giving singers who are acting as honorary ambassadors a cancellation notification days before their performance isn’t just tyrannical, it can also be seen as a form of violence.

This is where the phrase ‘SoTamJaeShil’ was born.

When MC and reporter Lee Gi Ho asked, “What does SoTamJaeShil mean?” Reporter Kim replied, “It means ‘To desire Girls’ Generation and lose JYJ in the process’. It talks about the foolish action of being so blinded by the profits that are right in front of your eyes that you end up losing the trust that others had in you.”

Regarding the fact that every time a JYJ performance has been cancelled, an SM Entertainment singer took their place, Reporter Kim said, “There’s a joke going around that says, ‘Fly JYJ, SM has fallen’,” and garnered much attention for bringing up the ‘external pressure rumor’ that surrounds the two parties.

Near the end of the interview, Reporter Kim stated, “If broadcasting companies start continuously doing as they please when they make decisions, the act of ‘Treat stars like kings’ will become something that happens more often,” and “There’s a possibility that the influence of agencies will grow, leading to broadcasting companies treading even more carefully around them. Most of all, there is a need for the public and government to take a continuous interest in fixing unlawful exclusive contracts in the entertainment industry.”

In his closing comments, Reporter Lee stated, “We’re putting this out there, but we are not here to protect JYJ or report their stance,” and “But we believe that if there are people around us who fight against the unlawful and unjust environments that surround them and sacrifice them, they have a right to have their voices heard, whether they are a celebrity, a common worker or a politician.

Reporter Lee introduced a tweet by a foreigner that read, “It’s sad to see that Korean broadcasting companies still can’t act with an open mind. Don’t they know that JYJ’s activities will benefit Korea?” and left words of encouragement as he said, “There are so many people watching over and supporting JYJ, more than they’ve seen, known or heard of.”

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