JaeJoong: “I’m okay with both marrying and dating an older woman”

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110720 Kim Jaejoong Says, “I’m Okay With Both Marrying And Dating An Older Woman”

Kim Jaejoong, who is not afraid of new challenges, has just planted his feet in front of a new starting line. He has completed all preparations to go from a manly and sexy singer to an actor who will steal the hearts of his viewers. This man, who boasts a porcelain face and charming eyes, is passionate and at ease.

Kim Jaejoong will be appearing in the new Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama ‘Protect the Boss’, which will begin airing on the 3rd of August after ‘City Hunter’, as Cha Mu Won, the prince of the financial world. ‘The prince of the financial world’. It feels as though that such a title fits Kim Jaejoong very well.

When we asked him if he’s found some similarities between himself and his character, Kim Jaejoong said no but when asked to pick a few, he gave a modest answer.

“Cha Mu Won is a gentleman. Of course, he has big dreams but he’s the kind of person who is kind to everyone, is able to pierce the world and is a man of great caliber. Rather than having similarities with him, I’d say that he has qualities that I’d like to have as well. If I had to choose characteristics that overlap between Cha Mu Won and me, wouldn’t it be the moment when I’m able to shoot my gaze at anyone I want later on?”

These words make our anticipation rise for Cha Mu Won, and his actor Kim Jaejoong. But he says that he does not have the confidence to capture the heart of Choi Kang Hee as he struggles for her affections with Ji Sung in a love triangle.

“Even I would go to Ji Hun, played by Ji Sung. If you spend a lot of time with someone, affection starts to sprout between the two of you and they say that going through thick and thin with someone makes your affection for them last longer. I think Ji Hun and Eun Seol, played by Choi Kang Hee, are characters who will go through thick and thin together.”

Choi Kang Hee is actually older than Kim Jaejoong. Stating that he would be okay with both dating and marrying an older woman, Kim Jaejoong didn’t forget to give his noonas a message of hope. “If I were to talk about marriage, I’m okay with marrying someone who is at most ten years older than me.”

Though Kim Jaejoong has already showcased his acting talents through the Japanese drama ‘Sunao ni Narenakute’ with Eita and Ueno Juri, thus will be his first domestic drama. This means his anticipation and nervousness for what is to come is great. But thankfully, it seems as though he has already received passing marks from his fellow actors. Park Young Gyu and Cha Hwa Yeon have already expressed their anticipation for Kim Jaejoong’s acting as they said, “You’ll grow to become a great actor.”

“It’s hard and there’s so much for me to learn. I’m trying to get accustomed to the atmosphere of the filming location as fast as I can. But I gain great strength from the care and attention that my seniors give to me. They also tell me lots of stories that are a great help to me. Park Young Gyu, who must be exhausted after spending the night filming for his scenes, helps me with my lines a few times and makes me feel comfortable.”

Completing an episode of a drama can leave a person feeling as though he’s reached the extremes that his body can exert. When asked if he feels confident about his stamina, Kim Jaejoong surprisingly stated that he doesn’t feel extremely confident.

“The filming occurs in a fun atmosphere as everyone respects each other. Also, though I’m not that confident about my stamina, I have the basic strength that any person should have, so I’m going to rely on that. Though I’m not confident about filming all night long, I’ll do my best and the fact that my seniors don’t show their fatigue at all pushes me to work even harder.”

As everyone is already aware, Kim Jaejoong grabbed the attention of Asia as a member of TVXQ and is currently setting ablaze a burning passion from his fans as a member of JYJ. We are curious to know what the biggest difference is between an actor and a singer.

A singer puts all his energy into the two or three hours he spends on stage. But I think actors regulate the amount of energy they use to be able to tap into it for a long period of time.

We were also curious to know what Kim Jaejoong, a fashion icon and the original airport fashionista, is like usually but received an unexpected answer from him as the conversation continued. He said that he finds himself to be quite ugly. The staff who stood around us protested at his statement, saying that this was a ludicrous statement.

I think that I’m ugly. The reason why I haven’t said this till now though I have an honest personality is because I’d feel bad to the fans who like me when I myself think that I’m ugly. But I can say these things with ease now.(laughter) I think only a minority of my fans will say they like me because of my looks since most of them probably like me because of my personality.

Fans will probably be surprised by his words since he’s so pale and charming. But his ludicrous statement(?)s continued. We kept bursting into laughter as he threw his thoughts at us nonchalantly.

“When I perform as a singer, my hair is styled, I wear lots of accessories and my skin is white so I end up thinking a lot about what to wear. These days, I wear anything I want and live quite comfortably. So when I see myself in the mirror sometimes, the thought ‘You’ve lived well with embellishments,’ passes through my head.”

Having debuted in 2004, it’s getting close to 10 years since Kim Jaejoong’s debut. What has changed the most since he first started?

“I’ve found a sense of ease when I stand on stage. The environment I’m in has changed a lot and in my opinion, I’ve found my modesty again. There’s a positive and negative aspect to modesty but I think I’ve gained the negative aspect. It’s good to be modest when you have confidence but it isn’t really needed when your confidence is spiralling down. I think I’ve gone that far down. I’m currently trying to recover from that.

All three members of JYJ are currently making their mark as actors with Park Yoochun especially being recognized for his work. That could be a stimulus and a great deal of pressure for Kim Jaejoong.

“That has become a great drive that pushes me to do better but it also puts a lot of pressure on me. Yoochun is my senior as an actor and he got off to a good start. It’s my turn to start now and I’m going to work hard.”

There must be something like a motto that has kept him going till now. Kim Jaejoong stated that it changes from time to time and revealed what his current motto is.

“To work hard in life. And to never feel greedy. I believe that too much greed will result in punishment.”

We asked him what his dream is as he’s been running nonstop to get to where he is now. As expected, we received an unexpected answer. We could feel a passion and confidence to do his best every day from Kim Jaejoong as he stated that he has no dreams.

“I don’t have any dreams. I think my goal changes constantly too. Till now, I’ve accomplished all the goals I set out to achieve. I’ve had as much luck as the hard work I put in. Everything was possible because of our fans’ love as well. Dreams become reality when you set goals in the moment and work to achieve those goals.

In the final moments, Kim Jaejoong didn’t forget to promote his drama. Seeing him standing at a new starting line, we can’t wait to see what new colors he’ll show off to the world.

“The viewer ratings I’m hoping for is 50%.(laughter) Our drama is one that everyone, from teens to the elderly, can watch. Please give us lots of your love.”

Source: [osen]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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