Congressman Kim Jae Yoon demands an explanation from KBS’ regarding JYJ’s performance cancellation

Posted: August 2, 2011 in JYJ
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110721 Congressman Kim Jae Yoon ‘Demands An Explanation From KBS’ Regarding JYJ’s Performance Cancellation

Regarding the cancellation of JYJ’s performance in a KBS broadcasted program, Congressman Lee Jae Yoon of Jeju Island released a statement that demanded that KBS apologize.

In the statement Congressman Kim stated, “KBS’ cancellation of JYJ’s performance in the KBS special just four days before the actual program took place has made Korea an international embarrassment with Hallyu fans releasing an announcement that denounced KBS’ actions.”

He continued to say, “The media is bringing up the possibility that there was external pressure involved in the cancellation of the performance. The controversy is growing because JYJ were replaced by singers from the agency that JYJ are in a lawsuit with.” Congressman Kim also pointed out, “KBS explained that they chose the other groups because they are more popular, but the fact that they did so with no proper standard or reason should be criticized as they’ve broken their promise with the public.”

He then ordered, “KBS must apologize to the citizens of Korea and the domestic and overseas fans for breaking their promise and making Korea an embarrassment,” and “It’s not too late to release an exact reason as to why JYJ’s performance was cancelled.”

Source: [media jeju]
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