110720 The Power Of JYJ Fans… Avex’s CEO Deletes His Twitter Account

CEO Matsuura Masato of Avex, TVXQ’s Japanese agency, suddenly deleted his Twitter account recently because of the continuous criticism he received from JYJ fans.

The situation began when a Chinese rookie singer by the name of Zhuo Qi Bo sang a remake of TVXQ’s ‘Wasurenaide’, a Japanese song composed by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong during his days as a member of TVXQ. When JYJ’s fans criticized the move and called it unauthorized plagiarism, Zhuo Qi Bo said, “I deeply apologize. I will resolve all problems surrounding this song after negotiating with Kim Jaejoong personally.”

Though Zhuo Qi Bo has apologized, the rage of JYJ’s fans didn’t recede easily. Fans stated that this happening occurred because Avex neglected to take proper care of Kim Jaejoong’s composition and as Avex’s logo was placed on Zhuo Qi Bo’s album cover, the fans also stated that Avex China was using Kim Jajeoong’s composition for commercial purposes.

The flames of the fans’ fire ended up being aimed at Avex’s CEO Matsuura. JYJ fans flooded his Twitter account and demanded he post an explanation for the remake controversy.

On the 17th, CEO Matsuura posted on his Twitter account, “In a recent investigation, we’ve reached the conclusion that a Chinese singer who has no relation to Avex whatsoever has translated the song and sung it without permission,” and “This is shocking news to me too. I’ve been affected by this happening too so I don’t get why I have to listen to everyone’s complaints.” He also added. “I have no relation to him and it has nothing to do with me so I pity the people who anonymously blame me as the reason behind the plagiarism controversy.“

But as criticism from JYJ’s fans refused to recede, CEO Matsuura tweeted, “I’m going to take a break,” and deleted his Twitter account on the 18th.

This isn’t the first time JYJ’s fans and CEO Matsuura have clashed. The tense arguments between the two parties began in 2009 when TVXQ’s Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun left SM Entertainment through a lawsuit and formed JYJ. JYJ’s fans have been continuously claiming that SM and Avex have been applying external pressure to restrict JYJ’s domestic and overseas activities.

Regarding the controversy, Kim Jaejoong tweeted, “‘Wasurenaide’ is not my song or anyone else’s. It’s the song of TVXQ’s five members. That’s why I don’t want to sing it by myself, or as a trio.”

Source: [kuki news]
Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


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