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110726 Kim Jaejoong’s Top Quality Presentation Skills Have The Staff ‘In Awe’

Kim Jaejoong’s top quality presentation skills for SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’ have left the staff surprised.

Taking on the role of Department Head Cha Mu Won, the ‘prince of the financial world’, Kim Jaejoong is taking on his first domestic drama.

In a conference room in Seongnam, Kim Jaejoong completed a scene that required him to give a presentation. Analyzing his script and practicing the difficult terminology required for the scene during his time off, Kim Jaejoong continued to practice over and over again as he checked his blocking to go with his lines.

With PD Sohn Jung Hyun’s cue, Kim Jaejoong stood in front of the cast who were acting as members of his company and gave his presentation without a single NG. His presentation skills were so good that they left the staff feeling pleasantly surprised.

To this, a production company representative stated, “Kim Jaejoong directed his World Tour that took place from April to June in ten countries , and he received a standing ovation from the staff after the concert was over,” and “We can see that this passion and sincerity comes through when he films for the drama.”

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110725 Kim Jaejoong Says, “Me? A Prince? I Have Problems With My Looks”

Versatile, a word that suits this man very well. Showing off his capabilities since his debut as a singer in 2004, he has even reached out his hand to the directing field. From the boiling summer heat of August, he will even take on the title of an actor. He’s quite a greedy person.

We’re sure fans have noticed by now who the star of this interview is. This man is Kim Jaejoong, who appeared in front of us, bursting through the monsoon rains that made it appear as if a hole had been carved in the sky.

The moment he greeted us, we couldn’t remember his past as a young teenager because of his mature appearance, so we called him “Jaejoong-ssi(氏)” instead of “Jaejoong-kun(君)”. He joked and said, “I’m still young. I like being called Jaejoong-kun.(haha)” This one statement had the effect of brightening the atmosphere that had darkened because of the dreary weather.

We are about to unravel the fun and honest stories that left us laughing from beginning to end.

#Acting: “I feel pressured because Yoochun-Junsu have done so well”
 Kim Jaejoong will be making a complete transformation into an actor through SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’. Though he has already showcased his acting skills in the 2009 Telecinema movie ‘Postman to Heaven’ and the 2010 Japanese drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’, this is the first time he’ll be appearing in the domestic drama industry and he’s bound to feel pressure and nervousness at the fact.

“To be honest, I don’t feel pressured. There is a nervousness that I feel from wanting to work hard because of all the anticipation for me and from the environment and situation that I’m approaching for the first time. But when people tell me how well Yoochun’s done in his dramas and how big of a star Junsu is in the musical industry, I end up feeling quite pressured. Sigh~

Cha Mu Won, who Kim Jaejoong will be playing in the drama, has been introduced as the talented ‘prince of the financial world’. When we said that the title and appearance fit him well, Kim Jaejoong denied all these claims and left a ludicrous statement(?).

“It’s not true at all. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I look at my face. It’s very unique, isn’t it? When I see myself dripping with sweat in the middle of a concert, I want to break the mirror. I have problems with my looks. I was talking about this with Junsu once and our agency’s CEO recorded our conversation and said he was going to post it everywhere. Ludicrous statements? But I’d rather look innocent than have such bold features.”

Now that we think about it, Cha Mu Won is slightly similar to Mondo Group’s Department Head Song Yoo Hyun of ‘Miss Ripley’, who was played by JYJ’s Park Yoochun. When we pointed this out, he said, “We are indeed similar. I saw that Yoochun’s company does a bit better than our company, using helicopters… Maybe we should be using one too(puahaha).”

“I met Yoochun at the hairdresser’s in a suit and I saw that he was wearing one too. As soon as we saw each other, we called each other ‘Department Head Cha, Department Head Song’ and acted out a random scene, saying, ‘It’s been a while since we last saw each other.’ It was really fun(laughter).”

#Directing: “I want to try directing for an idol group now”
He’s even tried directing. Debuting as a director through JYJ’s World Tour concert in April, and showcased his talents through Sohn Yeon Jae’s rhythmic gymnastics gala show. At the time, the meeting of Kim Jaejoong and Sohn Yeon Jae alone become a hot topic.

“I was given the opportunity to direct Sohn Yeon Jae’s gala show through my agency. I attended a meeting first before deciding to participate, but I didn’t have much time to spare. Luckily, I think Sohn Yeon Jae’s representatives liked me. Ah~ I even participated in the editing of the music. You knew that, right?”

There are many fans who are anticipating a meeting between Kim Jaejoong and other sports stars. He must be wishing to work on gala show’s of other sports stars other than Sohn Yeon Jae. But Kim Jaejoong suddenly seemed to have turned to stone. To help him out, we gave him a name of a famous sports star but he gave us an unusual answer.

“Park Tae Hwan? I’d like to try out a gala show with Park Tae Hwan. I’d like to create a new swimsuit for him that gives off a new feeling.(haha)”

He expressed his wanting to try out directing celebrities’ concerts as well as gala shows for sports stars. He boasted the versatility of his talents as he stated, “I want to try directing an idol group’s performance.”

#Singing: “We’ll release a new album within this year”
Though he’ll be making his acting debut and has succeeded in directing, Kim Jaejoong’s full-time job is acting. He released his first album ‘The Beginning’ with the other members of JYJ in October, 2010 and have been active ever since. The problem is that it’s hard to find JYJ on TV these days.

“We still haven’t let go of the thread of hope that will allow us to appear on music and variety programs. I hope that we’re able to appear on those shows when our new album drops.”

News that K-Pop is kicking up a storm in Europe these days has become a hot topic. It would be a shame to leave it out of the conversation. As JYJ are receiving much love overseas, it must be a great interest to them as well.

“We thought about showcases in Europe in the past. We weren’t able to go because of the time period, but we’d like to go in the future if we have time. Are we envious? Rather than feeling envious, I think about how hard it must have been for them because it’s always hard to be the first people going somewhere. Like how BoA paved the road to everyone else’s Japanese debut in the past. I like it because it feels like they’ve paved the road for everyone else.”

There has been no news of a new album since the release of ‘The Beginning’ over a year ago. As we know that fans are curious as well, we asked him about a new album and received the answer, “We’re preparing one. We would need great songs to make one. Of course, I’m sure a couple of those songs will be mine. Within this year… soon… It will come out as soon as possible.”

8 years since his debut. Now, he’s starting a new life as Kim Jaejoong, not YoungWoong Jaejoong. Compared to the past, he must show a more mature side to him.

“YoungWoong Jaejoong is a name that is a component of TVXQ. If I was still using the title of TVXQ, I would be YoungWoong Jaejoong in everything else that I’m doing. But the moment that JYJ began, I became Kim Jaejoong. I believe that the ability to find things about myself and show everyone those components is something that I’ve gotten much better at. I’m not perfect yet, so I can’t wait to see what is to come, but I do worry about the future.”

He will need a blueprint to push himself forward in the future. With a much more serious expression, he said, “Nothing’s changed. Because I’m going to keep living as a celebrity. I think our fans want to shape our future with us right now. Because we can see and feel that, I want JYJ to succeed and live a life with no regrets.”

We could see that Kim Jaejoong has become more mature and stronger as he has survived so many hardships. Like what he said, he has been able to come this far because of his fans, and it is now time for him to show something that will give back to them. It’s show time, and Kim Jaejoong’s eager for the curtains to rise.

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110722 Kim Jaejoong, The Reason Why He Doesn’t Sing TVXQ Songs

With the birth of the concept ‘idol’, countless idols have come and gone. Amongst them are those who wish to escape the title of an idol and those who wish to embrace it for what it is. If the efforts of those who wish to escape is too much, these people are rejected by the public and fade out but those who embrace it and settle in are ignored by the public and labeled ‘too boring’. It isn’t easy to choose a wise road that lies between these two extremes.

Kim Jaejoong, who has the good looks and wit of an idol and the musical talent of an artiste, views himself as an idol in a cool and objective point of view. He has traded in the restrictions of a ‘trained’ idol for freedom and a growing faith in himself.

Kim Jaejoong confessed, “I thought that I had a unique image as an idol that wasn’t normal at all. I thought that I was the kind of idol who was really hated by the people who hated him and really liked by the people who liked him and I didn’t want to change a thing about myself,” and “I was scared that the people who liked me would start disliking me. For example, there are international fans who cosplay and that it a fun hobby and joy for them. But the moment I change something about myself, that could break.”

But he has gone through numerous changes and progressions to take on a variety of fields aside from singing such as composing, directing and now, acting. Kim Jaejoong said, “I was scared to change that aspect about myself at first so I took it slow, but the people who liked me continued to like me. I was so grateful.”

Recently, a controversy arose over the unauthorized remake of TVXQ’s ‘Wasurenaide’, composed by Kim Jaejoong, by Chinese singer Zhuo Qi Bao. The singer’s remake was done without any consultation with Kim Jaejoong’s side and was met with a flood of complaints from his fans. In an official statement, Zhuo Qi Bao stated, “I know that there are any happenings and memories within this song, and I too like Kim Jaejoong’s talents and songs” and “I am reflecting deeply on my actions and I will resolve the situation through negotiations with Kim Jaejoong himself.”

Following this, Kim Jaejoong tweeted in Japanese, “‘Wasurenaide’ is not my song or anyone else’s. It is the song of TVXQ as five. So I don’t want to sing it alone or as a trio.”

In the interview, Kim Jaejoong stated, “It’s an occurrence that happens regularly in China so I have no plans on taking much action against him,” and “But I hope that he won’t sing the song. Putting aside the fact that it’s a song that I wrote, the song is one that belongs to the five members of TVXQ, so I don’t want to sing it alone or as a trio.”

He continued to explain, “It would be putting scars on the memories of the fans who liked, and still like TVXQ. The fragrance and memories of the song are what fans consider the most beautiful times, but if someone sings that song without permission, that will put scars on our fans.”

When we cautiously asked, “So you have no plans to sing songs from your days as TVXQ in the future?” Kim Jaejoong silently nodded and said, “As much as possible…”

Through his Twitter account, Kim Jaejoong communicates with his fans and voices his thoughts. At times, he voices his opinions clearly with words so stern that he seems outspoken. This means that misunderstandings and hostility can easily arise, but he didn’t seem to bothered by that fact.

He said, “I say what I need to say. Even though I may be met with a bad reaction, I don’t believe that what I’m doing is wrong. I don’t only write my own personal opinions. There are many tweets that I’ve written with thought, ‘What would other people think about this…’” This can be seen as Kim Jaejoong saying that he confidently reveals his personal opinion once he has taken into consideration the most objective viewpoint in a situation, much like how he views himself as an idol in the same way.

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110721 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Is Met With A Flood Of Camera Flashes When He Appears At An Amusement Park

Thousands of people gathered to watch the filming of SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Protect the Boss’.

‘Protect the Boss’, which will begin airing on the 3rd of August after ‘City Hunter’, is the story of a rookie secretary who attempts to control her unruly boss, the successor to a conglomerate.

The team of ‘Protect the Boss’ met at an amusement park in Seoul on the 19th and with the four leading roles, Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee, Kim Jaejoong and Wang Ji Hae, on location, thousands of people flocked around them, isolating them in one spot.

Students who were at the amusement park for their summer vacation recognized the cast of ‘Protect the Boss’ and flocked to these stars at once. With a sudden influx of people surrounding the cast and staff, the large crowd called out to the stars and took photos with their mobile phones, leading to the staff having to stop filming temporarily.

After filming was stopped temporarily, they all had to hide in the amusement park staff’s waiting room. Photos and stories of the staff and cast at the amusement park were posted to various portal sites, showing the popularity of the upcoming drama.

The production company stated, “The staff and cast were all surprised by the sudden influx of people,” and “But we’re glad that it all ended with no accidents and we’re thankful that so many people showed such a great interest in our drama.”

Meanwhile, ‘Protect the Boss’ will begin airing on the 3rd of August at 9:55pm and the scene where the leading roles appear in the amusement park will be aired in the third episode on the 10th of August.

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110721 Congressman Kim Jae Yoon ‘Demands An Explanation From KBS’ Regarding JYJ’s Performance Cancellation

Regarding the cancellation of JYJ’s performance in a KBS broadcasted program, Congressman Lee Jae Yoon of Jeju Island released a statement that demanded that KBS apologize.

In the statement Congressman Kim stated, “KBS’ cancellation of JYJ’s performance in the KBS special just four days before the actual program took place has made Korea an international embarrassment with Hallyu fans releasing an announcement that denounced KBS’ actions.”

He continued to say, “The media is bringing up the possibility that there was external pressure involved in the cancellation of the performance. The controversy is growing because JYJ were replaced by singers from the agency that JYJ are in a lawsuit with.” Congressman Kim also pointed out, “KBS explained that they chose the other groups because they are more popular, but the fact that they did so with no proper standard or reason should be criticized as they’ve broken their promise with the public.”

He then ordered, “KBS must apologize to the citizens of Korea and the domestic and overseas fans for breaking their promise and making Korea an embarrassment,” and “It’s not too late to release an exact reason as to why JYJ’s performance was cancelled.”

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110721 [Radio21 Part 2] Lee Jae Eun States, “We’re Preparing An Album And Tour For The Second Half Of 2011′

Following Reporter Kim, Department Head Lee Jae Eun of Prain, the company in charge of JYJ’s PR, showed her frustration as she said, “The part that we find hardest to accept is the broadcasted program’s original intent.”

“When JYJ received the offer to appear on the program, we stated to KBS Jeju, ‘If there is a possibility that our artistes aren’t properly protected against external pressure, we will not make the decision to have JYJ appear in the program,’ and we were given the reply, ‘That will never happen. This program is a special program that is designed to promote Jeju and how could there be any issues when JYJ are the island’s honorary ambassadors?’ But four days before the performance, when we had already received the cue sheet, KBS Jeju gave JYJ a unilateral notification of cancellation.”

Department Head Lee stated that this issue has already been reported to the Fair Trade Commission and that they’ve already received an official document stating that the report has been accepted. Lee stated, “The investigator who has been assigned to the issue has stated that there is enough evidence for the case,” and emphasized, “The problem is that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened; the problem keeps recurring over and over again. The Courts have already laid down the verdict that JYJ’s former agency must pay a compensation fee if it unlawfully obstructs JYJ’s activities, but these strange events keep occurring.”

Lee said, “C-JeS Entertainment has sued and filed a lawsuit whenever any unlawful event occurred, no matter how big or small it was,” and “They will all become pieces of evidence that we will use in the lawsuit against JYJ’s former agency.” She stated, “We have done all we can on this issue and we will do our best to get the verdict out for the main lawsuit as soon as possible,” but drew the line as she said, “We are not raising an issue against JYJ’s position as honorary ambassadors or Jeju Island itself.”

JYJ are currently preparing for an album release and tour for the second half of this year. Lee stated, “Because they’re so globally recognized, they’re a large-scale group and we’re looking at the second half of the year as a whole,” and “It hasn’t been long since their first world tour so we were thinking of taking a breather, but because love calls are flooding in from Korea, Asia, Europe and the Americas, we’ve decided to go right into preparations for their next tour.” They are also preparing for JYJ’s second worldwide album.

When asked of the current emotional state of the JYJ’s members, she stated, “They are more dignified and brave than anyone else. They’re doing well down the road that they’ve set their sights for.” She also added, “But they are extremely worried for their fans, who have to endure such unjust acts for the mere reason that they are fans. They are trying to act more dignified about everything for the sake of their fans.”

“The feelings that the three members of JYJ have for their fans are special. And the pride they feel for their fans is immense. Seeing them say ‘Our fans’ in every statement they make shows us that they’ve become stronger after surviving difficult adversities. We would like to sincerely thank the fans who love JYJ’s music and the three people’s dreams and we hope that the fans don’t feel too disappointed and hurt by the current issue.”

Last of all, Lee stated, “We have received support from fans as well as the public in general, including the citizens of Jeju Island through this issue,” and “We are thankful in a way as this issue became an opportunity for us to show the world that JYJ are fighting an unlawful contract.” She ended with, “Since this event is unrelated to promoting Jeju, JYJ will continue to do their best to promote the beauty of Jeju and the superiority of Korea.”

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110721 [Radio21 Part 1] ‘SoTamJaeShil’ – To Desire Girls’ Generation And Lose JYJ In The Process

With controversy surrounding the popular group JYJ, who were scheduled to appear on KBS’ special program to commemorate Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination but were then given a cancellation notification, Radio21′s ‘Lee Gi Ho’s Police Cop’ garnered attention for conducting an in-depth analysis on the issue.

Beginning with an interview with Reporter Kim Beom Tae, who has been reporting on JYJ’s situation since the beginning, Reporter Kim stated, “JYJ have been taking an active approach in promoting Jeju by singing a logo song and producing videos to encourage their fans to vote for Jeju’s 7 Natural Wonders of the World nomination,” and “These videos recorded millions of views in less than a day since they were posted on blogs and Twitter.”

He also said, “Jeju Island has needed votes from foreigners from the beginning because it has had low international awareness compared to its competition,” and “JYJ’s promotional activities made domestic and overseas awareness of Jeju Island shoot up dramatically and with JYJ’s encouragement, their domestic and overseas fans gave Jeju their votes.”

Reporter Kim commented that, “The fans have been voicing their complaints that JYJ’s popularity was used to get votes for the island’s nomination, only to cancel the group’s performance,” and introduced the boycotts against KBS that the fans began. He also left criticism for KBS as he stated, “In one moment, the entire broadcasting system of Korea, not only KBS, has become an international laughing-stock.”

Regarding KBS Jeju’s explanation that, “Girls’ Generation and f(x)’s appearance will be more effective,” Reporter Kim stated, “It’s true that the broadcasting company and staff have the right to make the decision on who appears on their programs,” and “But there is a limit to what can be accepted. Giving singers who are acting as honorary ambassadors a cancellation notification days before their performance isn’t just tyrannical, it can also be seen as a form of violence.

This is where the phrase ‘SoTamJaeShil’ was born.

When MC and reporter Lee Gi Ho asked, “What does SoTamJaeShil mean?” Reporter Kim replied, “It means ‘To desire Girls’ Generation and lose JYJ in the process’. It talks about the foolish action of being so blinded by the profits that are right in front of your eyes that you end up losing the trust that others had in you.”

Regarding the fact that every time a JYJ performance has been cancelled, an SM Entertainment singer took their place, Reporter Kim said, “There’s a joke going around that says, ‘Fly JYJ, SM has fallen’,” and garnered much attention for bringing up the ‘external pressure rumor’ that surrounds the two parties.

Near the end of the interview, Reporter Kim stated, “If broadcasting companies start continuously doing as they please when they make decisions, the act of ‘Treat stars like kings’ will become something that happens more often,” and “There’s a possibility that the influence of agencies will grow, leading to broadcasting companies treading even more carefully around them. Most of all, there is a need for the public and government to take a continuous interest in fixing unlawful exclusive contracts in the entertainment industry.”

In his closing comments, Reporter Lee stated, “We’re putting this out there, but we are not here to protect JYJ or report their stance,” and “But we believe that if there are people around us who fight against the unlawful and unjust environments that surround them and sacrifice them, they have a right to have their voices heard, whether they are a celebrity, a common worker or a politician.

Reporter Lee introduced a tweet by a foreigner that read, “It’s sad to see that Korean broadcasting companies still can’t act with an open mind. Don’t they know that JYJ’s activities will benefit Korea?” and left words of encouragement as he said, “There are so many people watching over and supporting JYJ, more than they’ve seen, known or heard of.”

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