JaeJoong: “Ji Sung is my means of support. Park Yoochun is my means of (facing) reality.”

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun
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Kim Jaejoong: “Ji Sung is My Means of Support. Park Yoochun is My Means of (Facing) Reality.”

Is it that the idol craze of the drama scene has cooled down a bit. Nowadays, projects that have veteran actors in the forefront are particularly pouring forth and ruling the drama scene. In the midst of this, it is curious as to whether JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who is looking forward to his first drama debut will be able to have a smooth induction ceremony.

Kim Jaejoong begins in earnest the dual life of an artist and an actor through Protect the Boss which will air as a follow-up to City Hunter.

Kim Jaejoong, who has debuted in the entertainment scene through the first album of TVXQ Hug, has stepped up to the level of the very top of the singers of Korea through an active album life. However, he has mainly focused on his musical activities unlike many of his colleagues who are active in a variety of genres such as acting and singing after stepping out of the boundaries of their main careers. Therefore, he has had a bit of quiet disappointment from the fans.

Kim Jaejoong, excluding the Japanese activities, has only shown acting through the movie Heaven’s Postman in which he appeared with Han Hyoju in 2009. This is in contrast to how the other members of the team, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, has met with the fans on a variety of fronts through a variety of dramas and musicals. He has made the hearts of the fans who wanted to see his acting be dear for quite a while.

Kim Jaejoong revealed his thoughts as he faces the appearance in his first drama: “I have shown acting through my activities in Japan and also appearing in a movie. But when I look back it seems that there was nothing that was done properly. Further, even after appearing in the movie there was a gap of 2 years so I feel that I am acting for the first time now. I think it is (too much of) a desire to wish to win the Best New Actor Award through this drama. But I would like to receive the Perfect Attendance Award.”

It seems that there must be many worries with having his drama debut in front of him. But it is true that he feels solid thanks to the JYJ members and the long-time fans who are not sparing support with regards to his appearance in the drama.

Furthermore, Park Yoochun, who has gathered a substantial popularity with the public and also has been recognized in acting abilities through Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley, is his advice-giver on the reality-front.

Kim Jaejoong said: “Yoochun told me that ‘when you film the drama there will be many times when you stay awake for the night, so practice not sleeping.’” When Yoochun was filming the drama, even if I wanted to go away with him I could not ask him. Now I am filming so we cannot go again. When the drama ends I am thinking that I will take a trip maybe with the members.”

The solid supporters of Kim Jaejoong’s first appearance in a drama are not merely the members. The many sunbae actors who have come to appear together in Protect the Boss are also, instead of thinking him a risk, adding great strength. Among them, the sunbae actor Ji Sung, who is appearing in the film as a cousin of Kim Jaejoong, is someone that he can rest his heart on.

He expressed his thankful heart: “I have come to act with Ji Sung sunbae-nim for the first time through this drama. But we became close quickly, not long after we met. Of course in the set of filming but also behind the scenes, he takes care of me so well. Even on days when we do not have filming, he lets me know through texts or phone calls of the situation very well, and is considerate towards me so that I can step up to the pace.”

(Basic information about Protect the Boss Omitted)

Source: Dailian
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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