“Protect the Boss” Kim JaeJoong – 6.56 tons of popularity

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Kim Jaejoong
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110728 “Protect the Boss” Kim Jaejoong – 6.56 Tonnes Of Popularity

Kim Jaejoong will be making his acting debut on domestic television with “Protect the Boss.” He had already made his acting debut in Japan, and news of his participation in a local drama has been greatly welcomed by the fans. As if to prove this point, the fans have used various methods to support Kim Jaejoong.

Kim Jaejoong (25) participated in the SBS new drama “Protect the Boss” press conference at Seoul’s SBS building on 27 July.

Kim Jaejoong will be playing the role of the capable “Prince of the Financial World” Cha Mu Won, and will be acting against Ji Sung, Choi Kang Hee and Wang Ji Hye. Although he is attracts the attention of people with his superior problem-solving skills and gentlemanly air, he changes together with the environment over time.

As this is Kim Jaejoong’s first time greeting the audiences in a Korean family drama, it has raised a lot of attention. Jaejoong, who had started acting through a Japanese drama, said “In Japan, the staff were all Japanese, so they were very amazed by me, and treated me very well. If I were to compare the similarities between Korea and Japan, it would be that they all take special care of me.” He said and smiled. He also voiced his biggest concern about domestic dramas. Kim Jaejoong said, “Speaking in Japanese is different from speaking in my mother tongue, so there was actually less of a burden.” “However, to appear in a domestic drama, even though this is my native language, I’m worried about making mistakes, so I’m more concerned.”

This day, in the preview video, Kim Jaejoong’s expressions and speech were extremely natural. To this, Kim Jaejoong jokingly boasted, “This is the first time I’ve seen the edited video, it’s pretty good.” “It doesn’t feel like me anymore, the person in the video (talking about himself) is really not bad.”

Although Kim Jaejoong’s domestic drama debut was eye-catching, but the fan’s gifts placed outside the press conference location today garnered even more attention. JYJ fans both locally and from overseas had sent a large volume of rice wreaths to express their support for Kim Jaejoong’s drama.

When idols participate in activity, it is not uncommon to see rice wreaths. However, today the scale of this was especially large. The rice that was sent by various fans totalled 6.56 tonnes.

The flower banners that were sent by fans had messages like “Hoping for Success” “Wishing for great success,” “Cha Mu Won’s generation” and other well-wishes. There were about 80 groups of Kim Jaejoong and JYJ fans, who had sent the 6.56 tonnes of rice. Not only did they send the currently popular rice wreaths, but also donated the rice to the less fortunate under Kim Jaejoong’s name. 

In this drama, Kim Jaejoong breaks away from the charm he shows on stage, and becomes a gentlemanly and capable Cha Mu Won. Although he displayed his popularity through the Japanese drama, but this is differently valued in a domestic drama. Whether he will be able to present a performance that his satisfactory to himself as well as the audience is something everyone is looking out for.

Source : [BaiduJYJ + SportsSeoul]
Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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